Happy 19th Birthday Claire!

Happy 19th Birthday

Happy 19th Birthday Claire! What a great year it’s been. You’ve traveled a lot this past year and inspired people all over the world. Over the years you’ve learned a lot, and have always shared your words of wisdom. You’ve said everything from the silly… Read More

Celebrate the Vernal Equinox!


Wow! 2016 is flying by! Can you believe it’s already spring? I for one am very excited about all the great things happening this year. I’m looking forward to the warmer weather too. There are so many ways to enjoy spring. Let’s take a look… Read More

Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week!

This week is random acts of kindness week! I love this week because there are so many ways to spread kindness. Whether you’re doing it large scale or simply holding the door for someone else, any way you celebrate is great.  Small Random Acts of Kindness It’s… Read More

Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Celebrate with dinner

Valentine’s Day is almost here. Haven’t figured out what you’re doing yet? No worries, there’s still time throw something together. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate. Who says Valentine’s Day is only for significant others? It can be for friends, siblings, parents,… Read More

O Christmas Tree

Christmas Trees

Christmas is almost here! Can you believe it? It seems like December flew by. Where did the time go? I’ve still got a few last minute things to take care of, including getting a tree! There’s tons of different kinds of Christmas trees to choose… Read More