How To Stay Cool This Summer

Summer is around the corner! It’s time to get ready for those late summer nights, barbecues and fun under the sun! Speaking of sun, it’s going to be a very HOT summer! So, it’s very important to stay as cool as possible. Here are some ways to do that: Read More

Green Ways to Stay Cool in the Summer

It’s hot out! The thing on everybody’s mind is finding ways to stay cool. Since I strive to live a green lifestyle I thought I’d offer some tips on green ways to stay cool during the summer. Not only is it crucial to find ways… Read More

Moving Whether Rain or Shine

All these recent storms have got me thinking about moving during not-so-happy weather. It’s not everywhere that you can have sunshine almost every day. (I love LA!) These conditions always make me thankful that I make it a rule to hire movers when I move.… Read More