Your Guide to Volunteering in the Summer

The summer is off to a great start! If you’re like me, summer means having some free time on your hands. “Vaaacation, all I ever wanted! Vacation, had to get away. Vacation, meant to be spent alone.” That’s where The Go-Go’s had it wrong. You should be spending your summer with lots of people by volunteering! Read More

New Year, New You! Give a little & Get a lot

The new year is in full swing. What was your new year’s resolution? Diet? Exercise? Living more green? As you get a jump start on those new year’s resolutions, consider a new year’s resolution that will help improve you from the inside out! Most of us have heard the saying, “There is more happiness in giving than in receiving,” but how many have experienced it? Why not make a New Year’s Resolution to give more this year. This new year resolve to get involved in a local Read More

“What an Amazing Year we’ve had!”

Dear friends,
What an amazing year we have had! Claire fought through three difficult hospital stays, a crazy weight loss scare and a couple stays in the Intensive Care Unit and still managed to speak at Tedx in September, do two flashmob events, interview Zac Efron and others via Positively Positive, do two national TV shows highlighting her work to help families and children living with Cystic Fibrosis, and most Read More

Green Gifts That Give

It’s time for a green holiday gift guide! Now that your Thanksgiving leftovers are finally gone, your Black Friday bumps and bruises have healed, and your wish list has multiplied, it’s time to get some serious holiday shopping done. Ahhh where to start! Not to worry, holiday shopping is the best time to think green. If you want to make sure your gift isn’t re-gifted this year, give a gift that makes a difference. Read More

‘Tis the season for watching wishes come true

With holiday music in the air, long lines at the registers, and glittering decorations, there is nothing quite like shopping this time of the year. However, what really decks the halls of our shopping centers with holly during the holiday season are the generous and… Read More