Out with the Old: Recycling & Donating

Sometimes it seems like my cardboard house is going to burst when it’s so full of things! Throughout the year, we let things gather and wait to throw them out, but don’t wait! Recycle and donate now! It’s easier to donate and recycle throughout the… Read More

How to Have A Green Halloween!

It’s that time of year again, October which means Halloween! Time for orange pumpkins, fall colors all around, and black cats.  Traditionally Halloween is orange, but this year, let’s green Halloween. There’s no better way to celebrate your Halloween than with an awesome green Halloween costume party.  So here’s some awesome ideas to have a great green Halloween party! Read More

Another Alternative to Recycling: Upcycling

Are you looking for a way to clean out those stacks of old newspapers in your garage? Are you tired of throwing out old magazines a week after you’ve read them?

It’s hard to part with a groundbreaking article or photo shoot, so instead of recycling, upcycle! Upcycling is basically using waste and unwanted items to make new useful things. Decorate your new home! Read More