Moving Insurance: What To Know

basic valuation

No one wants anything to go wrong on moving day, but sometimes accidents do happen. You can minimize your risk by choosing a moving company with years of proven excellence and a stellar reputation for service. You might already have moving insurance coverage through your… Read More

Uncovering Moving Myths

From moving scams to horror story moving experiences, there is a lot of negative energy surrounding moving, and that really bunches my eco-bubble! I love moving! There are so many moving misconceptions that I thought it was time to do something about it! Before you… Read More

Moving Mumbo Jumbo Made Easy: Moving Terms Part 2

Knowing is half the battle. So when it comes to moving, knowledge and understanding moving terms is power. (Check out part 1 if you missed it!) Empower yourself, equipped with some moving terms under your belt will make your moving company search a lot easier!  Along with researching, understanding just what you’re paying for makes moving easier. Often times, if you ask your moving associate will try to explain to you what the moving terms means, but Read More