Uncovering Moving Myths

Questioned Proposal by Eleaf (CC BY 2.0)

From moving scams to horror story moving experiences, there is a lot of negative energy surrounding moving, and that really bunches my eco-bubble! I love moving! There are so many moving misconceptions that I thought it was time to do something about it! Before you decide that movers aren’t worth the trouble or that moving is bound to be the most miserable experience of your life, let’s debunk some of the worst moving myths out there.

1. All movers are the same. Hire the first movers you find.

This is a mistake many first time movers make! Do not fall for it! Not all movers are the same. There are moving scams out there, but if you know what to look for and do your research, you can find the true professional movers from the fakes. Ask for mover recommendations from friends, family, or your realtor. Check for your movers’ “Cal T no.” issued by the CPUC, if they’ve won any awards or accolades, how long they’ve been in business, and more.

(Photo by Erich Ferdinand)

2. Any moving box will do.

While I love recycling boxes and reusing them to their full extent, not all boxes are up to the task of moving. Remember that your boxes need to be sturdy and reinforced in order to handle heavy items like books, electronics, or kitchenware. Before moving, check the integrity of your box to make sure that it is good for moving. (Also remember: books go in small boxes, and dishes in a dishpack!)

3. Labeling boxes is a waste of time.

Au contraire, labeling while time consuming makes moving much easier. In fact, the more detailed you are when packing and moving, the better off you’ll be on moving day. Unpacking is much easier when the boxes are labeled with their contents, and their proper destinations. Using a color coding system makes it even easier for moving day and your movers!

A Jewelry Box
(Photo by KOMUnews)

4. I have to pack everything myself.

If you’ve hired a full service moving company, just let your movers know ahead of time that you want professional help with your glass unicorn collection, and they’ll bring some extra supplies to keep your belongings safe. You can pack a little or they can pack everything for you. Some fragile items should be left to the professional movers for safe packing.

5. Standard moving insurance will cover any lost or damaged items.

Movers are required to provide you with valuation of your goods at 60 cents per pound. Valuation refers to how much your movers will pay if an item is lost or damaged. This is not moving insurance. Moving insurance can be purchased through third party seller. For more information on movers’ insurance and valuation, check out this resource.

NorthStar Moving Mover
Another moving myth busted: all movers are grumpy and mean! Just look at that smile! (Photo by askpros)

There are many myths about moving and movers that just are not true! Hopefully I helped clear up some misconceptions about moving, and perhaps changed your mind about dreading moving day and movers. If you’re looking for more ways to make your moving day a stress-free experience, check out these tips. Did I miss any moving myths? Let me know what moving or mover myths you’ve heard in the comments below!