City Spotlight: Miami, FL


Miami from Key Biscayne by dgreichert (CC BY-SA 2.0)

NBA trading has been all over sports news. Our client, Derek Fisher, has decided to stay with the LA Lakers and we couldn’t be happier!! But these past few weeks have been stressful for all NBA fans. Free agents have been signing up with different teams nationwide, and the attention has been following LeBron James. In an never before seen spectacle LeBron announced on live TV he is moving from Ohio’s Cleveland Cavaliers to Florida’s Miami Heat, leaving behind unhappy Cav’s fans.

We’re wondering what LeBron can expect to find in Miami. This city-piclog brings together some sights LeBron James can look forward to seeing in his new basketball city.

Location on the Map:

Photo Credit: Flickr user Mojumbo22 (Matt)

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Miami? Is it the beach?
It would be hard not to mention Miami Beach in this city-piclog, so I decided to pick the most popular destination on Miami’s long strip—the South Beach. South Beach is located in the southern section of Miami Beach and remains one of the beach’s most fashionable sections for spring-breakers (pictured here) and night-lifers. People travel to the trendy South Beach for the hippest restaurants, shops, clubs, and hotels.

Photo Credit: Flickr user @ LaRsNoW @

Located near South Beach is the North Bay of Biscayne Bay. North Bay houses artificial islands including the famous Star Island. Home to some of the “rich and famous,” Star Island is known for its mansions, celebrities, and breathtaking views. Residents of Star Island include and have included Shaquille O’Neal, Will Smith, Gloria Estafan, Rosie O’Donnell, P. Diddy and Madonna. Movies have also been filmed on the island. One of the most memorable includes Scarface (used the white mansion pictured here).

Photo Credit: Flickr user bunnygoth

Just North of Downtown Miami, The Everglades National Park remains one of three national parks on the Southern tip of Florida. What’s so special about the Everglades? In the Gator Park people can get up close to America’s native alligators! The American alligator remains an endangered species and can only be spotted within Southern Florida. This wetland is vital to their survival and to the survival of 36 other endangered species within the park!

Photo Credit: Flickr user Michale Zanussi

The nightlife is abundant in most areas of Miami. Ocean Drive in Miami Beach could be considered the Sunset Strip of Los Angeles. The street holds most of Miami Beach’s nighttime excitement and entertainment. After a day at the beach, most spend the nights in the center of this city’s Art Deco District. The Art Deco buildings that line Ocean Drive include some of the trendiest bars, clubs, restaurants, and hotels around!

Photo Credit: Flickr user Robbie van Dalen

Downtown Miami is where LeBron James will be spending most of his time. I thought it would be appropriate to end this city-piclog by showcasing his new court! Miami Heat’s home stadium is called the American Airlines Arena. The arena is between the Miami River, Downtown Miami’s skyscrapers, and Miami’s Carnival Center for the Performing Arts.

What else can LeBron James look forward to in Miami? Everyone would love to hear what you have to say!