INFOGRAPHIC: Top 10 Cities for American Moving

Have you ever moved in America? Most likely you’ve moved to or from one of America’s top cities. Our nation is full of wonderful cities! Since I love looking at the different cities across the US, I decided to take a look at the statistics over at ProMover.Org to see where exactly Americans are moving to and from. Check out these fun infographics, and don’t forget to click through on the list below to see my city snapshots on these great American cities!

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Moving to Austin, Texas

Howdy, y’all! Lately I’ve been thinking about all the fun places I want to get moving to in the future. Today I wanted to tell you all about the Texas state capitol and the capitol of cool–Austin, Texas! This city is more than cowboy boots and barbeque (but don’t miss out on those Austin classics, either). Austin is home to cool music, warm weather, and a whole lot of fun, so let’s check Austin out together! Read More

Moving to New Orleans, LA

Welcome to the Big Easy! New Orleans, Louisiana! New Orleans is full of history, culture, music and, of course, its creole cuisine. With history around every corner, New Orleans is a unique place to call home. Have you ever considered moving to New Orleans? Take a trip down south with me right now!

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Moving to Seattle, WA

If you’re thinking about moving to Seattle, WA, you probably like the rain. Yes, it rains a lot in Seattle, but Seattle isn’t just about precipitation! Seattle is home to great businesses, great schools, and most importantly, amazing culture! You’ll never run out of things… Read More

Moving to Maui, Hawaii!

Thinking about moving to Maui? You must love a day at the beach! Yes, Maui is famous for its many beaches, but Maui has more to offer, too. Maui has a great agricultural heritage, wonderful school systems, and yes, lots of rainbows. There’s so much more to do than just surf. Check out some of my favorite things about this wonderful place:

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