Free LA!: The Getty Villa

Getty Villa Outer Peristyle

The Getty Villa is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of LA and relax at one of the most serene locations in the area. Tucked away off the side of the Pacific Coast Highway, the Villa is free to enter.… Read More

LA’s Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

Restaurant Sign

Los Angeles is always up to date with the newest trends. Going green and becoming more eco-conscious is on the rise. That being said, I know it can sometimes be hard to find a good vegan or vegetarian restaurant, so I’ve compiled a list of all the best spots… Read More

Get Moving to LA’s Bike Trails

Bike Trails LA

Los Angeles is known for having lots to do. When most people think of LA they think of huge shopping centers, celebrities, beaches etc. In reality LA is so much more than that; something that it’s less well known for are its bike trails. LA… Read More

Moving to West Los Angeles

West Los Angeles (aka the “Westside”)  is one of the best places to call home in SoCal. Bordered by cities such as Westwood, Santa Monica, and Brentwood, West Los Angeles is a perfect location to enjoy all LA has to offer. West Los Angeles is… Read More

Keep it moving in LA

Sticking to that New Year’s resolution about losing weight and moving more? Haven’t made much progress? Have no fear! Snap Greene is here,  and I have plenty of ways to keep it moving in LA. Sometimes all you need to keep active and get moving in LA is a workout buddy! Put on your running shoes and let’s keep it moving in LA together. Read More

Moving to Redondo Beach, CA

Moving to Redondo Beach should be a joyous occasion! Who doesn’t want to live within walking distance of the beach or next to a bike path that will take you into Santa Monica. Moving to Redondo Beach will put you right next to Manhattan Beach… Read More