Moving to Westwood, CA

Wilshire 1 by AndrewGorden (CC BY 2.0)

Moving to Westwood, CA means you’ll be a resident of the west side of Los Angeles; one of the hippest places to be. Westwood might be the home to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), or the Bruins, but if you think that only college students are moving to Westwood, you’re wrong! Westwood, CA is a diverse community with homes for all types of people noted to be one of the safest neighborhoods out there. For those of you thinking of moving to Westwood check out the amazing attractions that await you after moving to Westwood.

The Westwood Village is the place to go after moving to Westwood

Diddy Riese
Photo by: Anne Varak

pitfire pizza westwood blvd los angeles, caMoving to Westwood means you’ll get to taste a wide variety of food. There are so many different types of restaurants, Middle Eastern, Italian, Asian, Mexican, vegetarian, if you name it, you can find it in the Westwood Village.  Moving to Westwood also means you’ll have all different types of desserts in your own neighborhood. My favorite stop is Diddy Riese, the yum tastic ice cream stop. Imagine it with me, a cookie ice cream sandwich. You get the pick the flavor of ice cream and what type of cookie you’d like it to be, and it’s only $1.25.What you’ll love most about moving to Westwood is that all of these restaurants and attractions are within  walking distance.

After moving to Westwood, you can take a goodlook at a piece of history.

Los Angeles California Temple
Photo by: The Infamous Gdub

One of the most famous landmarks in Westwood, Los Angeles is the Los Angeles California Temple. Standing at 257 ft high, the Los Angeles California Temple looks down on Santa Monica Boulevard in Westwood. This temple is a must see–not only because it is the first temple ever built in California, but because it is incredibly beautiful. With two fountains and a reflection pool along with trees all around, it’s a beautiful sight to see. Imagine that! Moving to Westwood means living in one of LA’s oldest neighborhoods.

If you’re a big movie fan, you’ll be in heaven if you are moving to  Westwood.

Mann Village Theater
Photo By: spcmnprt

Are you a big fan of movies? well you’re in luck! This city is filled movie theatres, but not just you’re regular movie theaters, classic vintage movie theatres. One of the more famous theaters, the Mann Village Theatre (previously known as the Fox Theatre) is located in the Westwood Village and is still a place for movie premiers even now. It features a landmark 170 ft high white tower picture below. Moving to Westwood brings you to the front row of movie premiers.

Several other vintage movie theaters are all nearby such as the Art Deco Crest, and the fantastic Regency Bruin Theater.

Oh! The places you’ll go once you’ve moved to Westwood!
Just because you’re moving Westwood doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stay there all the time. Moving to Westwood means the coolest LA attractions are even colser! Moving to Westwood means you are only two miles away from Rodeo Drive and  four miles from the Getty Center. Not only that, Sunset Strip is only five miles away, and the legendary Mann’s Chinese Theater where hundreds of premiers are at is only six miles away.  Not to mention, you’re within walking distance of the UCLA Campus where the Bruins are!  Just look at this city! After moving to Westwood what can’t you do?

Westwood and UCLA in the middleground
Photo By: Mike Disharoon

Westwood is right by Santa Monica, too! So moving to Westwood means moving next to Santa Monica and all the fun to be had there! Want to know more about Santa Monica? Check out our City Spotlight on Santa Monica.