Moving to Santa Monica, CA

DSC_0178 by meta_law (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Santa Monica has been known as the home of the California beach lifestyle, so it’s only natural that moving to Santa Monica means moving to a the beach. Moving to Santa Monica is the new Santa Monica Place, adding more green job opportunities to one of the nation’s most creative economies. 8.89% of the employment in Santa Monica is in the creative sector and 43% of its residents make their living in the arts. The performing arts and urban environment are why many are moving to Santa Monica.

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica is famous for its historical pier. The Santa Monica Pier, which just turned 100 years old, has been in movies, tv shows, video games, and many famous music videos. Tourists travel to this famous location for the rides, entertainment, and beauty. Moving to Santa Monica’s Pier, you can find a pier full of food stands, shopping, a roller coaster, ferris wheel, and carousel. To see what events are moving to Santa Monica’s Pier, follow the staff on Twitter.

Moving to Santa Monica Pier
Moving to Santa Monica’s Pier from the beach. (Photo by Evelyn Proimos)

Third Street Promenade

Santa Monica is also home to the famed Third Street Promenade. Moving to Santa Monica’s Third Street, you can find many chain stores as well as small independent stores. The city just finished remodeling the Santa Monica Place, which now includes The Market. While moving to Santa Monica Third Street Promenade, make sure you stop and have some lunch at many of the dining places as well as listen to many of the independent bands and artists that line the street. Bring a couple dollars to tip!

Moving to Santa Monica Third Street Timelapse
Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade gets very busy at night (Photo by NoiseCollusion)

The Art Scene

Santa Monica is home to many art museums and galleries including The Santa Monica Museum of Art in the Bergamot Station and The Getty Villa. You would be sorry moving to Santa Monica and not visiting a gallery or art museum at least once. Many independent art galleries are located in the downtown area. You can follow updates about the galleries and all of Santa Monica’s downtown district through their Twitter. While galleries sometimes cost money, The Getty Villa is free! If your moving towards Los Angeles, you can check out The Getty Center, which is also free!

Moving to Santa Monica Getty Villa
The Getty Villa even has an amphitheater! (Photo by brewbooks)

Venice Beach Boardwalk and Muscle Beach

Moving to Santa Monica means a selection of beaches, but the Venice Beach Boardwalk and Muscle Beach remain the most famous. You can experience at least 300 sunny days a year while in Santa Monica, so why not spend some of them where Hot Dog on a Stick originated. Venice Beach Boardwalk is where Santa Monica gets its counterculture feel. Get some sunglasses, get a bike, and start moving from Santa Monica to Venice for the best deals! Check out independent bookstores, street art, and a great view of the Pacific!

Moving to Santa Monica Venice Beach
If you can’t get a bike, rollerblade between Santa Monica and Venice! (Photo by Rafael Amado Deras)

Venice Beach Canals

Moving to Santa Monica Venice Beach you will see many canals in the backstreets. The canals run through the backs of homes of people moving to Santa Monica Venice Beach. The views are awe-inspiring and unique. Grab something to eat from the Boardwalk and stroll along the canals. Relax in a peaceful environment while being in the urban setting of Santa Monica!

Moving to Santa Monica Venice Beach Canals
Moving to Santa Monica means seeing Venice Beach Canals! (Photo by emmyboop)

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