San Francisco Airport Moving Green

A320 by berkuspic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

San Francisco’s new eco-friendly terminal has California moving in a green direction! The bay area’s SFO airport finished transforming a terminal into a LEED Gold Certified building. Now while your home is moving green with NorthStar Moving® you can do your own moving green through SFO Terminal 2. It’s the green way to the sky! It’s the bay’s newest, greenest, and most high-tech terminal yet!

Terminal 2 opened for flights on April 14th after a $383-million renovation which began in 2008. The green moving renovation included adding natural sunlight, energy-efficient electricity, a reclaimed-water program, a displacement ventilation system, tap-water hydration stations, recycled-content flooring, hybrid and electric vehicle parking spots, and paperless ticketing.

 Moving Green Butterfly Wall
There are even butterflies moving in glass walls! (Photo by davitydave)

The renovation makes Terminal 2 America’s first LEED Gold terminal. It’s moving green house-gas emissions down by about 1,700 tons per year. During construction, 90% of demolition debris were recycled! Moving green didn’t start at the open of the terminal, to SFO, Terminal 2 was just an addition to their sustainability list.

 Moving Green Terminal Before Construction
Terminal 2 before the green construction crew moved in. (Photo by Richard Winchell)

While moving green through the terminal pay attention to the numerous skylights, new artwork, a “recompose” area past security checkpoints, hydration stations, a kids’ play area, and recycling stations.

 Moving Green Artwork in SFO
Some of the artwork in SFO’s green terminal (Photo by TheNickster)

Virgin America and American Airlines will be occupying the fourteen gates in the terminal. If you’re flying towards Los Angeles, Portland, or even Paris to make your moving green, make your travel green.

Did you know San Francisco is even ranked number one for green job seekers! Talk about a city moving green!