Moving to Green: Energy Saving Appliances

Efficient by trekkyandy (CC BY-SA 2.0)

It’s more important than ever to keep in mind being green and eco-friendly with energy saving ideas! Energy saving appliances help preserve the environment, can save you cash, and are a great addition to any home. Our cardboard house even has energy saving appliances! Whether it’s after moving or time for an upgrade, choosing an energy efficient appliance is a great idea! There are so many benefits that come with using energy saving appliances!

How to Find Your Perfect Energy Saving Appliance 

  1. Measure out a space that will fit the energy saving appliance. Be sure you have room to pass by it and that the door or lid of the energy saving appliance can open and close properly in the space.
  2. Consider how often you’ll use your energy saving appliances. If you plan on using your energy saving appliance more, it might be better to get a more expensive model or one with a higher rate of energy saving.
  3. Read the black and yellow energy saving guide tag (pictured in the thumbnail). This tag shows you the projected annual energy use of the energy saving appliance.Basically it shows you how much energy saving you’ll be doing each year! Compare these on different energy saving appliances to get you the most for your money!
  4. Look for the Energy Star label.  Energy Star appliances are much more efficient at energy saving, and there are loads of benefits!

Optimizing Your Energy Saving Appliances

Once you’ve got an energy saving appliance, optimize your energy saving and do what you can to upkeep and lessen your carbon imprint. Keep things green and eco-friendly by making sure your energy saving appliance is running at full energy saving capacity!

white washer
(Photo by: Editor B)

Clothes Washer
Wash your laundry with cold water when possible, and do as many full loads as possible. Hot water heating accounts for 90% of energy usage in your energy saving appliance.

Clothes Dryer
Don’t overdry your clothes. Be sure to clean the lint trap  before you start another load every single time. (Here’s a trick: Put a dry towel into a smaller load of laundry. It absorbs moisture cutting drying time by 25%!

Energy Saving Dishwasher
A perfect example of an energy saving dishwasher with an energy guide! (Photo by: BoneDaddy.P7)

Keep your Fridge at a temperature between 35-39 degrees. Keep all compartments full so as to not have a flux in temperature.

Scrap off food rather than rinse before you put dishes in the washer. The same amount of water is used no matter how many dishes are in a load, so use as many full loads as possible. If you leave dirty dishes.

So what are you waiting for? Get moving to green! Choose an energy saving appliance! Take a big step towards a greener home with energy saving appliances! Check out SoCal EdisonSweepstakes on FB to win a new ENERGY STAR-qualified appliance!! Hurry and save!