Moving to Moorpark, CA

There’s nothing I like better than moving and getting out and about especially in a town like Moorpark. Based in Ventura County, Moorpark neighbors such awesome cities like Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley. Moorpark is a great town to live in with its nice neighborhoods and awesome parks all around. Not to mention that the weather in Moorpark manages to stay cool during the hottest of summers! So why just sit there, get moving to Moorpark today!

I mentioned the great parks, didn’t I? Moving to Moorpark means getting to visit a bunch of different parks. Each park is special and quirky, family friendly and lots of fun to hang out in! Check out these awesome parks for a visit! Maybe you’ll even see a “Moorpark” blossom while you’re moving to Moorpark!

apricot blossoms
Did you know that Moorpark was named for the apricot “Moorpark” blossom? (Photo by: mick / Lumix)

Besides hanging outdoors at the parks, you can also join some recreational fun upon moving to Moorpark! Visit the Arroyo Vista Recreation Centerand sign up for some super fun classes! They’ve got classes and camps  on horseback riding, tennis, weaving, and a science spectacular! They offer a huge variety of interests for all ages!

Moorpark, CA
A small peak into what moving to Moorpark is like! (Photo by: I El Caganer)

With the amazing parks and year round recreational activies, Moorpark is a definite destination for families looking for a place to call home. I know I’d love to get moving to Moorpark for all those parks!

If you want a little more fun in the sun, check out the Tierra Rejada Golf Club with its innovative players course. If you grow weary, no worries, there’s also the Rustic Canyon Golf Course, and the Moorpark Country Club! So much golfing to do, so little time!  All of these golf courses  available to you once you’re moving to Moorpark. How cool!

Tierra Rejada Golf Club
Take a break from moving to Moorpark and play a game at the Teirra Rejada Golf Club. (Photo by:

Another perk to moving to  Moorpark is Moorpark College. It’s a junior college with a high school continuation program with a beautiful campus you might find yourself strolling through, but it’s not just pretty! Moorpark College is also home to America’s Teaching Zoo open on weekends from 11am to 5pm. Admission is $5 for Adults, $4 for Children and Seniors. See exotic animals and shows!

Moorpark is also the location of the Moorpark Amtrak / Metrolink Station which means travel via train a fun and green alternative to a car. Moorpark is also the location of the Moorpark Amtrak / Metrolink Station which travel via train!

Moorpark Amtrak / Metrolink Station
Even if you’re not moving to Moorpark, take a train ride to visit just for fun! (Photo by: plattypus1)

Once you’re moving to Moorpark, you’ll become a local and have to see the Moorpark Country Days – Civil Way Reenactment! It starts with a parade and ends with festival fun like a street fair, a children’s village, crafts, and more!

Moving to Moorpark is moving to a beautiful community! Moorpark might be on the smaller side, but it makes up with big fun and beautiful scenery. There’s also lots of fun nearby with Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks, so there’s plenty of things to keep you busy. Why wait? Get moving to Moorpark today!