Moving with Pets Safely

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Moving pets properly and pet safety during a move is so important! As an animal lover myself, it’s important to remember your furrier friends during the moving process. When moving day comes around, make sure your pets are taken care of and moving safely. Moving pets safely is so important, after all a pet isn’t just an animal, they’re a part of the family.

With this in mind, NorthStar Moving® created these awesome pet packages that make moving pets super easy and pet safety the number one priority! Put your pets in the laps of luxury and transport them in style.

Dog in a basket
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The Toto 

Transport your pets safely, comfortably, and affordably with Animal Transporters and their Pet Taxi Los Angeles division. Skip the trouble and have the professionals get your pets moving safely across town or across the country. Whether it’s by air or land, Animal Transporters will move your pets anywhere with professional animal relocation and pet transport.

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The Paris  

Want someone to not just take care of your pet but pamper your pooch? Through NorthStar Moving®’s partnership with dog coach Tamar Gellar of The Loved Dog, give your pooch a taste of luxury while moving day goes on keeping them far from the unnecessary stresses of moving. Let celebrity pet care providers pamper your pooch with the luxury package The Paris while the movers take care of all the heavy lifting.

black and whtie cat
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The A.L. Webber 

Designed for your feline friend, this package provides your cat with a luxury cat suite. The California Cat Center is a cat friendly environment Let your cat rest away in heaven in a cat suite measuring 11 feet by 9 feet complete with a flat screen TV, spa music and live bird watching. This package provides your pet with rest and relaxation safely tucked away from the move.

Moving pets can be difficult, because the move is just as stressful on you as it is on your pets! The most important thing to remember when moving animals is keeping your pets removed from the move. It’s the best way to keep your pets moving safely. During the moving process, be sure to keep with them a comforting object like a blanket or toy while moving pets to keep them reassured. Once you’ve moved introduce your pet to the new neighborhood by exploring on a leash. Out of stress, your pets might run away so be wary! Moving is truly a stressful time for pets and their owners.

dog and a box
This is not the proper way to be moving pets. (Photo by: emdot)

If you’re looking for more tips on moving pets, or even thinking of doing-it-yourself, check out this post.