Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Green Gifts and Gifts that Give Back

Valentine heart cookies by nikkicookiebaker (CC BY 2.0)

Some people think that Valentine’s Day gifts are only about gift cards and candy, but Valentine’s Day gifts can be so much more than that! When you want to give Valentine’s Day gifts, keep some other loves in mind: love for the environment and consideration for the people you share it with. So what are my favorite ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts? Keep reading and see!

Green Gifts

Recycled and Handmade Gifts: UnCommonGoods has a great section of recycled and handmade Valentine’s Day gifts for your loved ones. Whether you want beautiful jewelry for your girlfriend or a beer making kit for your boyfriend, this site has some cool stuff. For more handmade and upcycled gifts, Etsy is another great website to browse around on. I love these upcycled Lego heart necklaces.

Chocolate and Candy: There are so many brands to choose from, whatever you choose, look for organic, fair-trade options. Support local bakeries and sweet shops over buying corporate brands.

Flowers and Plants: What better way to save you love your special someone and the Earth than buying beautiful plants as Valentine’s Day gifts? Avoid cut flowers and other unsustainable options. A real plant will last, just like love. ;)

Valentine’s Day Gifts: A Plant (photo by avenefica)

Donate in their Honor

Valentine’s Day gifts that give back to the community are a great way to show that you care about more than just material objects. Why not donate in honor of your special someone? Give a flock of chicks, give a microloan, or give some other donations!

A donation to Heifer International means helping families around the world with the training and animals they need in order to become self-reliant. With a big variety of animals and a wide price range, anyone and everyone can give Valentine’s Day gifts through Heifer!

Valentine’s Day Gifts: Heifer International (photo by Strength)

Kiva allows you lend money to a entrepreneur who lives in another part of the world. Valentine’s Day gifts of loaning some money to one of our global neighbors can be just what they need to get moving up the ladder of success. Show your love for someone at home by sharing your good fortune with someone abroad. Great idea for Valentine’s Day gifts, no?

If Kiva and Heifer don’t sound like the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts, give to another charity that NorthStar Moving loves like Make-a-Wish Foundation® or Claire’s Place Foundation!

Claire after a Fabulous Claire’s Place Foundation Flash Mob Fundraiser

What are you giving as Valentine’s Day gifts this year? I’d love to hear about them in the Comments section!