Green Gift Ideas For the Holidays

Gifts? Already? by mysza831 (CC BY 2.0)

Now that Thanksgiving is over and your tummy is no longer stuffed, it’s time to get moving and start shopping for the holidays! I always try to shop for the holidays before Black Friday, but this year I’m running a bit behind. Nevertheless, I wanted to share some green holiday gift ideas in the hopes of making shopping for the holidays less stressful and more eco-friendly.

Mom’s Gift for the Holidays:

For the holidays, Mom is all about reusing and re-purposing items. This recycled chalkboard is the perfect gift for the holidays! It’s made from an old mirror and chalkboard paint! It’s simple to make and what mom wouldn’t want a fabulous chalkboard for the holidays? It’s great for writing lists, jotting down recipes, and writing fun little notes. It’s the perfect green gift for the holidays.

Photo By: Wickerfurniture
Photo By: Wickerfurniture

Dad’s Gift for the Holidays:

Dad is extremely handy when it comes to… well, just about anything! My dad’s gift for the holidays is simple yet useful: a wallet made from recycled inner tubes. It’s eco-friendly and cool, just like him.

Grandparents’ Gift for the Holidays:

My grandparents are also pretty eco-friendly. They enjoy taking reused items and making them into beautiful works of art. This red wicker frame surrounding a clock is a great holiday gift. It turns a boring clock into artistic decor. I know they will love this gift for the holidays!

Photo By: mattwalker69
Photo By: mattwalker69

My Brother’s Gift for the Holidays:

My brother Zippy enjoys playing the guitar, so these re-purposed guitar hooks would be a cool gift for the holidays. They are a great organizing tool, and I know my brother can always use more organization in his room. He will flip over his gift for the holidays!

My Friend’s Gift for the Holidays:

My friends and I love shopping on Etsy. You can find pretty much anything! This item is the perfect upcycled-yet-chic necklace, and it’s made out of salvaged hardware! It’s a beautiful and timeless piece of jewelry I know my friend will love for the holidays.

Photo By: hoangnam_nguyen
Photo By: hoangnam_nguyen

My Pet’s Gift for the Holidays:

Since my pets are part of my family, they get green gifts for the holidays, too! This raised pet feeder re-purposed from a skateboard would be the purrrfect present for my furry friends.  If you’re looking for another great pet gift for the holidays, check out this pet bed made from 100% recycled wine barrels! It’s creative, cute, and functional.

Giving eco-friendly gifts for the holidays is a wonderful way to show people you love how much you care while giving back to our environment.

What eco-friendly gifts are you giving for the holidays? Tell me about them in the Comments section!