First Time Moving Tips

Moving out, and moving in. Or how to put several years of your life in little boxes by C1ssou (CC BY 2.0)

First time moving is an exciting time! Whether you’re moving out on your own or making your first family move, first time moving is always memorable. Make sure that you start off in a new home the right way by knowing how to move. When my family made our first move across the country, we had NorthStar Moving® helping us every step of the way, and with their help, our first time moving was a stress-free experience. Now that I’m a moving expert myself, I thought I’d share how to move and make your first time moving experience great too!

How to Move – Preparation

Find out how much money you can allocate towards first time moving and create a moving budget. Maybe you can relieve some of the stress by hiring movers! Hiring movers can actually save you money on your move in the end.

Once you’ve got your budget settled. Get organized! Keep track of your moving day with this moving calendar. It takes a lot longer to pack up and get moving than you’d think!

cat in a box
If you are first time moving with a pet, prepare them for the move as well! (Photo by alamosbasement)

De-clutter and simplify. The key to an easier moving day is less stuff. Hold a garage sale or donate unwanted belongings. If there are some things that you cannot let go of, look into storage.

As soon as you get the rights to your apartment or home, switch over the utilities to your name. There’s nothing more miserable after a long day of moving having no electricity or hot water. Also remember to change over your address and take care of all the paperwork as soon as possible.

How to Move – Packing & Unpacking

You’ll need recycled boxes, packing paper, and ecobubble for first time moving.  There are lots of places where you can find recycled boxes – your moving company sells them, some local stores have cardboard bins, or search online for free moving boxes.

Start packing early! Don’t be in a panic on moving day packing up boxes in a rush. Take your time to organize and label everything correctly. Labeling is a first time mover’s best friend. Whether you’re moving boxes by yourself or hiring movers to help, label your boxes clearly with the contents and their destined location to make first time moving easy.

(Photo by Neil Turner)

While you’re packing, it’s important to consider what you’ll unpack first. After an exhausting day of moving, it’s important to have a comfortable space to relax in for your first night in your new home. Unpack your bed first and create a comfortable space for much needed rest.

Before packing, set aside your essential items. That way you’ll have your essentials for the first night if you don’t get your belongings delivered right on moving day or if you’re too tired from moving to unpack everything.

How to Move – General Tips

Don’t forget to eat and sleep! Moving day will be that much harder if you’re not at 100%. It’s important to eat healthy and get enough sleep. If at any time, you feel overwhelmed ask for help. (This is where movers can really save the day.)

One of the biggest mistakes of first time moving is worrying and stressing out. Have patience and leave room for errors and mistakes. Have realistic expectations and keep a positive outlook for first time moving.

360 empty living room
Remember to look around for a final sweep before you leave. Inspect your home before and after the move. (Photo by Brett L.)

If you find yourself struggling with first time moving, tweet my brother Zippy (@northstarmoving). He can give you lots of advice on first time moving and how to move! Check out some of these moving resources as well. What was your first move like? Tell me all about it in the comments below!