Moving to the Antelope Valley, CA

California Poppy fields. Lancaster, CA by JerryFrausto (CC BY 2.0)

Would you like to move to 3,000 square miles of beautiful poppy fields, Joshua trees, and a vast open desert? If you answered yes, then the Antelope Valley is the place for you! Located at the northern tip of Los Angeles County and the southern tip of Kern County, the Antelope Valley is a diverse community of four major cities (Lancaster, Palmdale, Rosamond, and Mojave) with over 20 little towns within those cities (Quartz Hill, Little Rock, Pearblossom, Leona Valley, etc.). With a population of 513,547 people in Antelope Valley,  you’ll meet all sorts of people everywhere you go. Here are a few ways to get involved in the Antelope Valley community when you move there.

Joshua Trees at Sunset
Antelope Valley (Photo by Rennett Stowe)

Antelope Valley: Shopping, Exploring, and More

After you move to the Antelope Valley you may be wondering how to get involved and meet people. The Antelope Valley Mall in Palmdale is a great local hang out. One of my favorite places in the Antelope Valley is Downtown Lancaster, where you can explore the recently revamped BLVD. BLVD has the charming Bandstand coffee shop and the multipurpose BeX Bar & Grill. At BeX, you can bowl, line dance on Thursday nights, and get a delicious dinner.

There’s also the Museum of Art and History (or MOAH), which houses a collection of everything from modern Southern Californian art to ancient Egyptians artifacts. Featured artists include Van Saake, La Monk, Lee, and Burgess. After your visit at the MOAH, get moving to the best candy store in Antelope Valley (Five and Dime Candy Store) and then head over to the BLVD Cinema. This movie theater plays all your favorite new movies while you relax in comfy seats like red love seat recliners. The multilevel Forge attached to the cinema has a ton of shopping. There’s so much to do in Antelope Valley!

A lake
Antelope Valley (Photo by Gore Fiendus (Jerry Frausto) )

Antelope Valley: Natural Paradise

The Antelope Valley is so much more than just the BLVD and shopping, though. The beautiful Poppy Reserve is a sight to see. Millions of poppies consume the valley with their vibrant orange color in Spring.

Poppy Field
Antelope Valley (Photo by tkksummers)

You can also go take a 7.5 mile hike through “The Devil’s Punchbowl,” located in Pearblossom on the eastern end of the Antelope Valley. Explore the beautiful landscape of the Antelope Valley Desert with Joshua trees and other desert landscape.

Antelope Valley: Unique Adventures

Antelope Valley Musical Road (Photo by Trevor Cox Salford)
Antelope Valley Musical Road (Photo by Trevor Cox Salford)

Another cool thing about living in the Antelope Valley is The Cat House Feline Conservation Center in Rosamond. It is home to over 70 of the world’s endangered wild cats. Leopards and tigers and bobcats, oh my!

The Antelope Valley is also home to the only “musical road” in America and one of 3 in the world. The musical road in Lancaster plays the William Tell Overture when driving at 55 mph. You may have seen it in a Honda Civic commercial or even on the popular BBC show Top Gear.

If you continue west after passing the musical road, you will come across the beautiful Apollo Park where you can feed ducks and geese or jog around the beautiful track. Fun fact: Apollo Park was home to the Apollo 11 Command Module True-Size Replica for many years.

Living in the Antelope Valley is such an amazing experience. Even with so many people and so much space, the Antelope Valley still manages to have that small-town feel. It’s easy to feel at home in the Antelope Valley. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventure, a day of shopping, or a place to call home, the Antelope Valley has what you’re looking for.

Do you or have you lived in the Antelope Valley? Are you moving to the Antelope Valley soon? Tell me all about why you love the Antelope Valley in the Comments section!