Packing for a Weekend Getaway

Sandwood Bay From The South by ARG_Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

With Labor Day weekend approaching, and the summer moving rapidly, it might be time for a quick weekend getaway! Whether it’s an outdoor adventure, romantic escape, or spur of the moment excursion, there are a few things you should remember to do for your weekend getaway:

  1. Packing for a Weekend Getaway:
    Packing for the long weekend can sometimes be the biggest challenge. You don’t want to be over packing for your weekend getaway, but at the same time you don’t want to be under packing. The best way to avoid this packing catastrophe is to make a packing list.  Make sure you remember all the basic  packing necessities: the clothes, shoes, and cash, debit cards, wallet, sun block, glasses, lip balm, binoculars, medicine, and a first aid kit, to help you move right along onto your weekend getaway!

    Yosemite Valley
    Photo Credit by Rennett Stowe


  2. How to Organize for a Weekend Getaway:
    Once you’ve decided what you’re packing for your weekend getaway, you’ll need to actually pack. When packing for weekend getaways, I look at it like a layered cake. The first layer is typically where I pack my shoes. The second layer of our packing cake is the clothes that I can roll up to save space while packing (i.e. t-shirts, undergarments, pajamas, jeans etc.). On the third layer of our packing cake, I like to pack more specifically for where I’m going: my coats, jacket, wet suits, snow gear, hiking gear, and maybe some nicer clothes. The final layer of this packing cake is the “frosting and toppings” aka the accessories and toiletries. These things are perfect to have on the top of the suitcase just in case you’re running low on space while packing, and these little items are perfect for fitting into the little crevasses of the suit case for the little items that typically get packed last for your weekend getaway.

    Ocean View
    Photo Credit: mLu|fotos
  3. Have Fun on your Weekend Getaway!:
    The most important part about this weekend getaway is to remember that it is a weekend getaway! With the packing and organizing for your weekend getaway done, you can hit the road, relax, have an adventure, make memories with your loved ones, and have fun. Just remember to keep the kids entertained on your weekend getaway trip!

    Sunrise at Catalina Island
    Photo Credit: brewbooks

Once you arrived at your destination whether it’s the beautiful beach, or rugged mountains with these tips, you can trust that everything will be a piece of cake, and a great weekend getaway!