Spring Cleaning: Clutter & Organization

storage.. by ✄♥Ladyfroufrou♥★SparkleSparkle!☆★ (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Wow, has it already been a week? Hopefully you’ve come back to check out this week’s spring cleaning tip. Now that we’ve got our green cleaning supplies all ready, we can get started with a brand new aspect of spring cleaning! (If you haven’t read last week’s tip on creating your own green spring cleaning supplies, you can catch up here.) Well, what is the next step in spring cleaning? My next tip is clearing out your clutter and getting organized!  

Before you can even get spring cleaning and bringing in that spring sunshine, it’s important to go through your belongings and de-clutter. Take some time to go through your belongings and clear out the clutter!

A cluttered shed
When you’re spring cleaning, remember to go through your sheds or garages for clutter as well. (Photo by: UnnarYamir)

Spring Cleaning: De-clutter Tips!

  • Empty out your belongings on the floor, and sort this pile into four categories: “Keep,” “Give Away,” “Trash/Recycle,” and “Store.”
  • For the belongings you cannot let go, upcycle them into something else.  Rip up old towels and t-shirts to use as cleaning rags.
  • Stay efficient when it comes to cleaning machines. Does your dishwasher leak? Does your washing machine use lots of water to wash just one towel? Make sure that appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers are energy- and water-efficient.
  • Remember to go through your junk drawers, to check expiration dates in your medicine cabinet, and to clear out any storage space like attics, basements, or garages.

For the belongings you’ve decided are impossible to part with, invest in some storage and an organization system. When it comes to spring cleaning, everything should have a place.

An Organized Office
A clean home after spring cleaning is a happy home! (Photo by: Benjamin Thompson)

Spring Cleaning: Organization & Storage Tips!

  • Invest in clear bins, shelf racks, and storage bins to get organized. One idea is to reuse wooden wine boxes or wooden crates if you have them lying around. They are easily stack-able in your closet, and a great green option for storage.
  • Create a space for everything in your “Keep” pile, and get in the habit of keeping it in its proper place. (Spring cleaning means warmer weather, so it’s the perfect opportunity to clean and store your winter clothing!)
  • If there is no room for storage in your home, consider a storage company. Choose a storage company that uses green warehouse style facilities that store items in reusable wooden vaults rather than vaults that have constant lights and air conditioning to maintain them.
spring cleaning in the sun
Relax in the sun after spring cleaning. (Photo by: storebukkebruse)

Once you’ve gone through all the clutter and organized and optimized your space, relax in your clutter free space. One of the best benefits of spring cleaning de-cluttering and organizing is the peace that comes with an organized home.

Another great thing about spring cleaning organization is  that a clutter free home makes moving easier too! Do you have any great spring cleaning tips for organizing and de-cluttering? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!