An Interview with a Mover!

Richard_Mover1NorthStar Moving cares about our clients, but we care about our employees just as much. That’s why we have been voted one of the best places to work and that’s why we were interested to hear what one of our movers had to say about, well, moving! I sat down with Richard, who was recently promoted to the dispatch office (way to go, Richard!) and asked him to talk my ear off about my favorite subject—moving!

Q: What’s your favorite moving snack?

It’s not pizza. We get a lot of pizza while we’re moving. Anything other than pizza’s great.

Q: What was the most fun part of being a mover?Richard_Mover4

I got my workout while I got paid. I really enjoy moving, any physical labor. Also, meeting new people and getting to work with nice guys who share your passion for moving.  You get to work outside a lot and visit new places that you haven’t been before. I’m from Georgia, so I love the opportunity to see California more.

Q: What did you do before you were a mover?

I was a plumber and a landscape architect. Moving encompasses both of my favorite things about both of those professions, actually: meeting new people and being outdoors. Most jobs help you be a better mover when you look at it the right way. Other jobs encompass moving subliminally. Both my previous occupations required the client to put a lot of trust in me, a lot of belief in my abilities.

Q: What does the trust a client puts in NorthStar Moving mean to you?

It means a good bit. They’re letting us into their homes without even meeting us prior to us moving them.  We’re literally emptying your house out and putting your things into our truck. You’re trusting us with your entire household. It’s a weight on your shoulders that you need to think about when you’re moving.

Richard_Mover2Q: What steps do you take to keep a client’s belongings safe while moving them?

Mostly I just follow procedures. Our procedures are good enough that if you follow proper NorthStar Moving techniques, things will be thoroughly protected. Referring back to the trust we talked about, I imagine how I would move my own things, or my grandmother’s things. Treat the client’s things like they’re your own when you’re moving them and you’ll be much better off.

Q: What has been your favorite move at NorthStar Moving?

We moved a very high profile fashion designer. It was the most massive move you could ever imagine. Four full trucks. We moved everything on Friday, for a dinner party being hosted at another location on Saturday. It was a 40 million dollar mansion. Marble walls. Mortal minds can’t imagine this house. We were moving it back out on Sunday. It was just wild.

Q: How many guys were on the move?

Over 20, at least. Being able to be with that many of your coworkers, and being able to see how everyone else works, was insane. To see how we could intertwine so many people in such a small area, and get such a massive job done so fast. The work ethic is crazy to see when everyone is moving together. That was the wildest job, for sure. There were people running couches past each other, moving like crazy. To see from an empty house, to the end product—even at midnight—it looked like someone had lived there and had an interior designer for years, and it was just movers setting it up.

Q: What makes NorthStar Moving a better moving company?

The quality of our work makes us better. And our customer service puts us at a higher standard. We do actually put effort into moving you.  I’ve seen other moving companies work right alongside us, and no disrespect to them, but we do things a lot different and it shows. The proof is in the pudding.

Richard_Mover3Q: Which of the charitable events that we’ve been involved with has been your favorite?

We did a toy drive for Five Acres with the Location Managers Guild. It was awesome. We had so much fun. It made you feel good to give things to less privileged people. Being able to go to a real orphanage and really brighten someone’s day was awesome. It wasn’t just handing it over to a third party, I was actually the person who gave a toy to a child in need.

Q: NorthStar Moving is a famously green company. How green are you in your everyday life?

I recycle. I ride my bike or my skateboard to work. I like to keep moving, so I do whatever I can.

Q: What is the best thing NorthStar Moving has done for you?

I started as a mover, a regular Helper, and then I became a Team Leader shortly thereafter. Shortly after that, I got promoted again. I work in dispatch now, in the office. NorthStar Moving has given me a series of amazing professional opportunities. I’m really growing. You might say I’m moving up in the world.

Thank you for sitting down with me, Richard! Do you have any questions you want to ask a mover? Ask away in the Comments section!