An Interview with a Mover!

NorthStar Moving cares about our clients, but we care about our employees just as much. That’s why we have been voted one of the best places to work and that’s why we were interested to hear what one of our movers had to say about,… Read More

How to Choose A Green Mover

I love moving, and I love going green! The problem with moving is that most of the time, moving tends to not be green. Moving involves driving long distances, using lots of material for packing, and often leads to a lot of waste overall. That’s… Read More

What Are Your Movers Really Thinking? Interview with Jose

A moving crew consists of a Moving Team Leader (aka the foreman), as many moving Team Members (Helpers) as needed, and a professional driver. Jose Frausto is a professional driver and Moving Team Member of the NorthStar Moving family. He can get our big red trucks into tiny parking spots or out of crazy LA traffic jams. Recently, Jose has been hanging out with us in the office, healing from a slight back injury until he is back in tip top shape. This gave us a chance to Read More

The Movers and Shakers of Washington, DC

Bordered between Maryland, Virginia, and the Potomac River, Washington DC is full of today’s movers and shakers. From Congress to NGOs, from college students to residential households, and from one of the best public transportation systems to some of the finest museums in the world,… Read More

Biodegradable Eco Bubble!

Pop! Snap! It’s here! BIODEGRADABLE bubble!

You know the best part of moving day is playing with the leftover bubble! But did you know that regular bubble can take hundreds of years to decompose? Even if all the bubbles are popped! So as a green eco-friendly moving company, my friends at Read More

NorthStar Moving® Featured for Third Time!

NorthStar Moving® was featured again on Kathy Griffin’s latest installment of “My Life on the D-List.” The comedienne’s home went through its last remodeling stages with the help of friend Lara Spencer (host of CBS’ The Insider). NorthStar Moving’s movers were there to help unload and set-up the new (old) hollywood hills Read More