Moving to Arcata

Arcata California by fishermansdaughter (CC BY 2.0)

California isn’t all sunshine and beaches. It’s full of variety. It’s got everything; dazzling desserts, resilient redwood forests, illustrious vineyards, and hardy mountains. Arcata is located in the northern part of the state, just 6 miles north of Eureka. It lies nestled between colossal redwoods, spectacular beaches and regal mountains. Arcata is home to some of the most interesting people and wildlife. Adventure is calling, so get moving to Arcata!

Moving to Arcata: The Adventurer’s Paradise

Moving to Arcata: Redwoods
Redwoods by michael.balint (CC BY 2.0)

Arcata is surrounded by plenty of natural wonders that’ll get you moving. Go for a hike through the redwood forest, or enjoy the view from Patrick’s Point. Challenge yourself with an intense outdoor rock climb, or take a trip down to the river and test the rapids. Beach combers will have lots to see and do at the nearby beaches. Campers can pitch tent at one of the numerous campgrounds or even stay the night at Clam Beach. Extreme sports enthusiasts can catch some surf when the weather’s warm or head to the mountains when it cools down and hit the snow.

Arcata: The Art Aficionado’s Abode

Moving to Arcata
Arcata Theatre marquee by Bob Doran (CC BY 2.0)

Get moving to Arcata for the art. Home to Humboldt State University, one of the oldest California State Universities, it is a bustling college town and a center for artistic expression. Located on HSU’s campus, Fulkerson Recital Hall and Van Duzer Theater are the musical and theatrical hub for all those seeking a more refined form of entertainment. Moving to Arcata is great for those of you that are movie lovers. The Minor Theater (the oldest feature film theater in the US) and the Arcata Theater Lounge are a must see. Enjoy a movie while sitting in the Minor’s elegant balcony or switch it up and rent it out for a party. At the ATL you can watch a football game on Monday nights, an old Sci-Fi movie on Wednesdays, or a comedy act at the end of the month, all while enjoying a full meal and drinks at your table.

Get Moving to Arcata to Beat Boredom

Sand Sculpture
Sand Sculpture by WalterPro4755 (CC BY 2.0)

Get moving to Arcata and you’ll never be bored again! There’s always something going on, no matter what the time of the year. Eat to your heart’s content and sample fresh seafood and local cuisine at Oyster Fest. Put your design skills to use and enter a sculpture in the Friends of the Dunes Sand Sculpture Contest. Check out the Kinetic Sculpture Race and you can do both! Build a sculpture and have a friend race it, while you treat yourself to local, organic, snacks on the sidelines. For more information on things to do after moving to Arcata take a look at 101 things to do in Humboldt County.

Fresh, Organic, Locally Grown Food

Arcata by fishermansdaughter (CC BY 2.0)
Arcata by fishermansdaughter (CC BY 2.0)

Get moving to Arcata for all the delicious food! Several restaurants such as Arcata Pizza & Deli, Big Blue Café and Stars Hamburgers (the restaurant that the Krusty Krab is based on) offer food made from locally grown produce. Moving to Arcata is great for those looking to live a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Almost every restaurant in town offers vegan and vegetarian options. The Wildflower Café & Bakery and Japhy’s Soup and Noodles are among the more popular vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurants. There are also several health food stores that provide gluten free breads and non-diary ice cream among other things such as the Co-op and Wildberries Marketplace. Don’t just wait for opportunity to knock; go out and find it, get moving to Arcata!

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