Caribbean Vacation

Caribbean Vacation

Feeling the chill this winter? Worried about how your’re going to keep warm? Are you in need of a getaway? Go snorkeling in the Bahamas or take a cruise through the Virgin Islands. It doesn’t matter which island you choose. Each one is full of rich… Read More

Moving to Arcata

California isn’t all sunshine and beaches. It’s full of variety. It’s got everything; dazzling desserts, resilient redwood forests, illustrious vineyards, and hardy mountains. Arcata is located in the northern part of the state, just 6 miles north of Eureka. It lies nestled between colossal redwoods,… Read More

Moving to Maui, Hawaii!

Thinking about moving to Maui? You must love a day at the beach! Yes, Maui is famous for its many beaches, but Maui has more to offer, too. Maui has a great agricultural heritage, wonderful school systems, and yes, lots of rainbows. There’s so much more to do than just surf. Check out some of my favorite things about this wonderful place:

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Moving to Manhattan Beach, CA

Manhattan Beach is the beach-living, sports-enthusiast spot in Los Angeles. If your thinking of moving to Manhattan Beach, or are interested coastal living, look no further moving to Manhattan Beach is the thing for you. Moving to Manhattan Beach you’ll enjoy great surf, restaurants, and an outreaching sports community. Once the Beach Boys’ hangout, Manhattan Beach has become the hometown of many professional athletes. From Maria Sharapova to Jeff Garcia, Read More