DIY Easter Celebrations

Kooky Eggs by Pixabay (CC BY-SA 2.0)

DIY  Easter Celebrations

Spring is one of those seasons that instantly brightens your mood.  The days are getting warmer, flowers are blooming and the air smells fresh.  You can’t help but smile and be happy! Spring also brings fun outdoor activities, delicious food and cute crafts! Here are just a few things to brighten your Easter.

Egg hunt relay

Egg Hunt
Egg Hunt by Pixabay (CC BY-SA 2.0)

This one is fun for all ages! Here’s how to play: Hide some plastic Easter eggs just like you would for an Easter egg hunt. Then, you will need to line each team up in a straight line. The first player on each team must run to their designated area, find an egg, and return to their team. Now, the next player must do the same thing; continuing until each person on the team has found an egg. For a more challenging approach, fill the eggs with a certain color of jelly beans and tell the teams that they have to find an Easter egg with their assigned color jelly beans inside. This game is sure to bring endless laughs and smiles to all your family and friends!

A Healthy & Colorful Easter meal

Spring has finally sprung and that means Easter is right around the corner! Like most holidays, you are surrounded by friends, family and of course FOOD! And what better way to kick off your beautiful Easter event than with a simple but delicious meal. You can’t go wrong with a fun pasta dish that is both healthy and fresh like this Spring Mizuna Pea Pasta. This recipe takes a traditional dish and amps it up with lots of veggies from your own vegetable garden. YUM! This will definitely be a crowd pleaser. Click here for more vegetarian recipes that will keep you gardening through the summer.

Easter DIY Craft: Colorful Place Holders

Let’s get crafty! DIY is always so much fun especially when it gets to be integrated into a party or family gathering for everyone to see. For example you can create some super cute Easter place holders for your family event. For this project all you will need are small Terracotta garden pots for each table or for each person at your table, plastic spoons (for the chick heads), Craftsmart paint, a few ribbons and small index paper rectangles to use as the signs. Whether they are handmade by you or your kids, these DIY Easter placeholders are sure to bring color and happiness to your next event. For a step by step guide click here.