Moving To A Home With A Pool

Moving To A Home With A Pool

Pools provide an option for relaxation as well as recreation.

Moving to a home with a pool is a top priority for many people relocating to and within California and Arizona. This is especially true given the average mild to high year round temperatures. Whether they live in a single family home or in a multi-family complex with a shared community pool, many people want to make sure they have a place to swim. Here are some reasons  people are so keen on moving to a home with a pool.

Many Health Benefits                 

Moving To A Home With A Pool
A tranquil pool; great for aquatic therapy sessions or a few casual laps.

A pool is a perfect place to take a break and calm your nerves. After a long, hectic day at work, or a session of strenuous exercise — a pool brings  comfort and relaxation. Swimming boosts mental health. The regular rhythm of smooth, gliding swim strokes can have a very calming, meditative effect on your mind. When in a relaxed state, you are able to think more clearly, which  increases your productivity. Relaxation reduces the chances of stress-related medical conditions and diseases. So take a few casual laps and/or lounge on an inflatable pool float to your heart’s content.

Perfect Spot For Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy involves undergoing a series of treatments and exercises in water to increase fitness and physical rehabilitation. The natural viscosity of water helps strengthen muscle and  increases rehabilitation.. A swimming pool provides a perfect environment for aquatic therapy sessions. Water resistance, coupled with buoyancy, allows muscles to strengthen without all the joint-stress that occurs on land. Of course, aquatic therapy sessions can be carried out in pools at your local YMCA or gym. However, there is nothing quite like having your own personal aquatic space.

For the most beneficial results, most aquatic therapists prefer the use of heated water. Solar pool heaters are a great choice to heat your pool. Besides solar, chemical ingredients are another option — or a combination of both. 

Source For Fun & Games                   

Moving To A Home With A Pool
Play ball!

Moving to a home with a pool can provide endless fun for you and your family.  During the summer months, a home with a pool is a great escape from the heat, but there are many options for recreational water activities all year round. Numerous games can be played: Marco Polo, belly flop and cannonball contests, chicken fights, and underwater scavenger hunts. 

Besides the regular water sports like swimming races, water polo and volleyball, your family can also partake in versions of badminton, baseball and basketball. Board games can be played poolside, but why not in the pool itself? Grab a double-person pool float and a waterproof deck of cards or a checkers/ backgammon game and you are good to go.    

All lit up for a party.

Cost-Effective Entertainment Venue

Why spend money on renting restaurant space or a banquet hall to celebrate a special occasion when it will cost you nothing to host your own poolside gathering? Friends and family getting together at a home may not sound so exciting. However adding a swimming pool to the mix will take your social event to a whole new level. Even if your guests do not swim, a pool full of floating candles and flower arrangements can provide a nice ambiance for your celebration. A pool offers a way to effectively manage your party costs and still deliver up a momentous bash full of unforgettable memories.

Teach Your Kids to Swim                                           

Moving To A Home With A Pool
Floating along.

Moving to a home with a pool can provide your children with privacy when learning how to swim. They do not have to worry about making mistakes. Family is there to encourage them. Whether you teach them yourself or hire a professional swim instructor, your children deserve the best swimming learning experience you can provide.

Of course, there should always be adult supervision. Kids should master the basics: how to float, tread water, climb out, etc. If they see a swimmer in trouble, kids should know to first call for help and throw a lifesaver — and not jump in themselves. Also, young children should wear U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets. This is a great opportunity to teach your children about not only water safety, but safety in general. 

Moving To A Home With A Pool
Pool enjoyment.

Added Home Value

Moving to a home with a pool can be a great investment. However, be sure to consider all these factors: style of the swimming pool; age and condition of the pool; system type (chlorine or salt water); heating and filtration costs; price of regular maintenance and insurance; as well as the age of your children. Make sure to assess your overall financial pros and cons of moving to a home with a pool.

If All Goes Swimmingly…

In the end, you have worked so hard to obtain the home you want for you and your family. If that includes moving to a home with a pool, it is a well-deserved dream come true.

Moving To A Home With A Pool

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Moving To A Home With A Pool

Susan Alan, Guest Collaborator

Susan Alan is the Content Manager at Robotic Pool Cleaners Compared which helps homeowners select the best pool cleaner, pool heater, pool cover and/or other modern pool appliances according to their needs and budget.

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