Family Care

Family Care Icon Just because you’re moving
doesn’t mean your normal life stops.

The AngelinaThe Angelina

Because bubble wrap can only entertain your kids for so long.

Giraffe puppet
Even if you’re a world-saving power-parent scheduling trips to the UN between soccer practices, you can still use a little help. Moving adds another huge thing to your already impressive to-do list, and your lovely darlings still need undivided attention and devotion. Cue the flying umbrella and magic handbag.

NorthStar Moving has partnered with Nanny Poppinz to offer The Angelina package, ensuring that your children are well taken care of and leaving you to command the move and/or save the world.

The exact level of help is up to you; call NorthStar Moving for help setting up exactly what you and your family needs to be cheery, lovely and perhaps even animated during your move.


the-baby-nator-bigThe Baby-Nator

Hasta la vista, baby boo boos.

Robot-RedFrom stair railing jungle gyms to shiny stovetop knobs, little movers can get into dangerous situations in new homes. It’s time to terminate those baby traps and put an end to the pyrotechnics and explosive baby moments. Good thing NorthStar Moving has partnered with Boo Boo Busters Professional Childproofing Services to provide parents with some extra help.

This luxury package keeps your home and baby safe from threats of future destruction. Starting with an in-home child safety evaluation, the baby-proofing pros provide product recommendations specific to your new home’s danger zones, such as railings, pools, electrical and cabinets. When all the furniture, TVs and belongings are moved in, they will also closely inspect everything to make sure it is anchored appropriately and out of harm’s way. Once potential problems have been examined, the Boo Boo Busters install only the highest quality products, all at cyborg speed. Their professional installation service and experience offers customers safe, affordable and attractive solutions for keeping little explorers protected.

Danger terminated, and the future is safe.


The-Mikey-Phelps-iconThe Mikey Phelps

Cannon Ball!

Don’t just dip a toe in, frolic and dive into your new home pool with kid swim lessons tailored to the needs of your child. Whether you are hoping to raise an Olympian or simply want your child to safely enjoy the water, let the team at KidSwim take your little sea otter from basic water-safety skills to advanced strokes.

European OttersKidSwim brings developmental swimming lessons to YOUR home pool or join them at  one of their four locations in the Los Angeles area. So just sit back, apply some sunscreen, and sip an iced tea while your child goes from blowing bubbles to mastering the butterfly. You’ll earn a gold medal for parenting as your child learns the life skill of swimming! It’s just something you “otter” do. 

The Lotus Luxury Package iconThe Lotus

There is no place like Om.

The Lotus – Breathe in, breath out. Let yourself blossom. Did your move make you feel like your entire world was upside down? Stop the stress and get your body moving to take care of you. We’ve partnered with the yoga masters at YogaWorks to help care for your mind, body and soul.

A woman meditatingStep into any YogaWorks studio and be led on a journey of health, strength and well-being. From fitness classes to meditation, they will guide you on your journey to re-connect and be mindful of the inner you.

Their classes inspire confidence and a sense of possibility that lasts long after you roll up your mat. Your new mantra will be strength, sculpt, and serenity. It’s time to relax and say “Namaste.


The Culture Coach

Moving abroad? Make foreign feel familiar.

Moving to a new country?! Ready to stretch your traditions? While relocating to a new culture is exciting, it also comes with emotional hurdles. Learning the norms of a new cultural setting is an obstacle course. It can feel lonely and confusing. Certified Professional Relocation Coach Sharon Gilor is here to get you into international transition shape! She will customize coaching sessions, so you can master cultural behavior, communication styles and more. Coach Gilor’s training sessions will enable you to feel comfortable and confident in your new setting. Before you know it you will be at the finish line, making connections and easily settling into your new home country. What was once foreign is now familiar. Reach out to our master culture coach to get your life in your new country off to the right start.


sleep mask on a royal pillowThe Sleeping Beauty

Tired of tossing and turning?

Trying to capture that magical spell called sleep? No more long nights wishing upon a star, now you can lay your pretty head to rest. Sleep Like A Boss is here to make your dreams a reality.

a skyscape of cloudsThrough one-on-one meetings and access to their exclusive sleep guide for NorthStar Moving clients, learn how to transform your bedroom and your children’s bedrooms into sleep sanctuaries. Just like you’ve been kissed by a handsome prince (or princess), you’ll awake refreshed after a good night’s sleep. Soon your sleepless nights will vanish and you will be living the dream in your new home.


The Betty White

For the young at heart.

Worried your move may not be as golden as you had imagined your golden years?  Relocating to be closer to grandchildren? Are you or your parents moving and downsizing to a simpler life? We have the pros for you! NorthStar Moving has partnered with National Association of Senior Moving Managers to provide assistance to older adults and ensure that their move to a new residence is a smooth transition. You’ll shine with that amazing sassy star power of the forever-young Betty White as you easily locate a local senior move management professional.

generations-handsDoes your to-do list include a garage sale, cleaning out the attic, sorting out cherished collections, figuring out what to donate and what to keep and simply remembering to update the new doctors and pharmacy with current prescriptions? Phew! Allow these pros to dance you through all the steps and keep you laughing through the roller coaster of emotions. They specialize in assisting older adults and their families with the daunting process of downsizing and moving to a new residence.

Before you know it, you’ll be sitting comfortably in your new organized home, watching Betty White’s Off Their Rockers or reruns of The Golden Girls and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Your only question will be: “How does Ms. White always look so great?” And, the answer is: Betty White! She’s no Hollywood Square.


The Julia ChildThe Julia Child

What’s for dinner?

hWe’ll be the first to admit that pizza and beer has fueled a lot of moves. But just because everything else is showing up in a cardboard box doesn’t mean dinner has to as well.

Thanks to our partnership with Annie’s Soul Delicious, you can have exactly what you want delivered. Keep the convenience, and stick to your raw-food, paleo, zone, vegan, gluten-free diet. Or not.

Use it for the day of the move, the day after and the day after that. Use it all year. Bon Appétit!

The Perfect Picnic

Cold Pizza again? No thanks.

Finally, moving doesn’t have to mean cold pizza out of a box for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What do you really need after moving day? Calm and, oh yeah, to be pampered. Let the culinary and design experts at The Picnic Collective spread the blanket to whisk you away to a peaceful place on moving day. Relax and take a moment to celebrate your new chapter with a posh picnic. The Picnic Collective will style and customize your picnic and then deliver it on moving day.

They take care of the set-up and pack-up, provide all the dishware including the champagne flutes, so no need to go digging through packed boxes. All you need to do is toast to your big life moment, savor the delicious locally-sourced seasonal ingredients from a traditional wicker basket and create new memories.

The Picnic Collective revives the magical tradition of beautiful handmade picnics to turn your first meal in your new home into a care-free celebration. NorthStar Moving clients receive 10% off The Picnic Collective’s packages.


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