Keep Moving With Water Activities

water activities

Water activities are a great option to keep moving and engage in physical activity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Safe social distancing rules urge everyone to keep six feet apart. Many people are simply staying at home. However, there are many outdoor water activities like kayaking… Read More

Baby Proofing your Home

Whether you are a new or seasoned parent, keeping your kids safe is a continuous mission. While you’re on the lookout for avoiding wonky playgrounds or dirty play dates, greater dangers might lurk in your own home. Did you know that every 24 minutes there… Read More

Have a Safe and Sweet Halloween

The month of October screams fun. There’s marathons of Halloween classics on TV, such as Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Later in the month, we get to dress up in our costumes and trick or treat with our friends. Although Halloween is all… Read More

Go Green on World Car Free Day

Our car in a way is our second set of feet. We’ve become accustomed to using it for everything whether it’s to go to school, work or simply hanging out with our friend. Without a car, we don’t how we’d function. But what if we… Read More

What to do Before Moving into a New House

before moving into a new house consider your space

When packing up and getting ready to say goodbye to your old home, it’s easy to overlook the details involved in moving into a new house. Changing addresses, changing schools and transferring utilities are usually the first items on your list, but when moving into… Read More