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Hands and Hearts of Hope

Michael Hubbard, Joey Hubbard, Patti Rayner and David Raynr

 Patti Rayner is the amazing CEO and Co-Founder of Hands and Hearts of Hope, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. This Foundation is dedicated to serving homeless college students, most of whom were emancipated from the foster system and left without resources. Additionally, poverty-level families with children also receive support. The focus is to match at-risk people with the opportunities and resources to make a positive influence in their lives.  

A History of Helping Those In Need

Hands and Hearts of HopeFor more than 35 years, Patti Rayner has worked tirelessly with hundreds of thousands of people individually and community service programs . Her primary focus is to bring awareness, resources and support to the less fortunate and underserved communities worldwide. 

In 1979, Patti co-founded the Heartfelt Foundation, a nonprofit with a mission to assist the homeless, families in need, global disaster victims, fragile elderly and abused youth. Heartfelt Foundation has also taught and modeled community service in Africa, Europe and South America.

Patti has received many awards, including the Rosa Parks Award, two Presidential Service Award nominations, and a commendation from the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles. For her commitment to assisting the underserved, as well as developing service education programs for those who want to make a difference, Patti received both local and national honors.

Establishing Hands and Hearts of HopeHands and Hearts of Hope

Patti has a constant remarkable passion and vision to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need. Learning that 30% of California college students were homeless,  Patti and her son, Michael Hubbard, co-founded Hands and Hearts of Hope. The Foundation creates innovative programs to provide hands-on, heart-based outreach to those who otherwise may remain forgotten and invisible. At the same time, it provides volunteers with the opportunity to participate in dynamic service education programs.

In November 2021, Hands and Hearts of Hope launched its At-Risk Student Stabilization Program at Cerritos College for more than 30 underprivileged students. Although highly motivated, the students lacked the resources to begin or remain in college. The students worked closely with HHH’s dedicated One-to-One Mentors, to learn Positive Mindset & Success Strategies. Overall, the students were able to feel supported and understood, which enabled them to gain confidence. The successful semester ended with the students entering paid summer internships, four year colleges, and full-time jobs.

Into the Future with Hands and Hearts of Hope 

This past year, amplified by the global pandemic, the number of underserved and vulnerable communities have increased. Hands and Hearts of Hope is expanding its activities and service initiatives. Its goal is to provide more help to these fragile groups during this unprecedented period in our nation’s history. All in all, Hands and Hearts of Hope is committed to its mission statement: 

“Bringing hope, upliftment, and transformation through the healing power of caring hearts.”

Give Hands and Hearts of Hope a Helping Hand

Hands and Hearts of HopeHands and Hearts of Hope is holding their annual Christmas Holiday Service Outreach, through the end of December. Let’s help them provide food and gifts to more than 100 fragile families with children. Without this program, these families would not receive anything for the holidays. It’s the perfect opportunity to reach out and help those in need this holiday season. Please make a heartfelt donation.

Other Ways To Get InvolvedHands and Hearts of Hope

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