Moving In California: What Determines The Price?

Are you moving within California? Whether you want to soak in the SoCal sun, or experience the coldest winter during a summer in San Francisco, these tips will help you plan a successful move.

Moving less than 100 miles within California?

If your move is less than 100 miles, you’re making a local move. Awesome!
Here are five key factors that determine the price of your local move:
  1. The number of trucks and movers needed to implement the move. This determines the hourly rate.
  2. The time it takes to complete the move.
  3. When you’re moving. Think of it like airplane tickets: the busier the time, the more expensive the ticket. Movers are the most busy at the end of the month and during the summer.
  4. The materials used, such as boxes and moving blankets.
  5. The distance between your old and your new home.

Moving more than 100 miles within California?

If your new place is more than 100 miles from your old place but still within California, then your move is classified as a local-long distance or intrastate move. That means road trip!

The cost of a local-long distance move depends primarily on four factors:
  1. The distance you are moving.
  2. When you’re moving.
  3. Accessorial charges. This is moving mumbo-jumbo for extra circumstances, such as stairs, elevators, how close can the truck park to your front door, etc.
  4. The amount of things you are moving.

Tips for saving money and staying on top of your budget

These are the best ways to truly save on the cost of your move and stay on top of your budget:
  • Choose a mover based on their reputation.
  • Have the moving company give you an estimate and get a binding cost for your move in writing.

Let us help you with your move within California 

Whether you’re staying local or hitting the road, give us a call, and we can schedule a video chat estimate to determine the cost of your move. We’re looking forward to helping you move happiness home!