Decorating Your Dream Bedroom

First Bedroom by greggman (CC BY 2.0)

Moving into a new house can be a big deal for everyone, especially with all the packing and loading boxes…but it’s always fun to move into a new house because that’s where you start creating new memories! One way to create new memories is to decorate your room…it’s every girl’s dream to decorate their own room! Need to be inspired? Well, I have few easy ways on how to create your ultimate dream room by decorating!

First, after picking out your room, look around and see how spacious your room is. Second, choose a color for your bedroom wall. Third, start deciding on some fun ideas for decorating your bedroom that will look fabulous and stylish!

Photo by wickerfurniture
Photo by wickerfurniture

Go ahead and measure out your room, see how big your room is so then you can figure out where to set your bed and all of the other goodies! After measuring out your room, start deciding on a color for your wall. This is your chance to express yourself… give it a homey feeling! If you’re artsy then display awesome art pieces on your wall or even create one yourself! If you’re into fashion then glamorize and decorate your room with combination of colors. If you’re a book nerd then set up book selves on your wall and store all of your book collections.

To all of my fashionistas, add some glam to your room by decorating your room with some of your favorite and special fashion pieces. All you have to do is design it in a décor storage. Add a stylish and fabulous look by decorating it with solid pink colors and with a touch of white.

Storage solutions are one of the easiest ways to store your everyday belongings. Not only do you stay organized but it’s also a good way to get decorating your room. It looks clean and fresh! While you choose a closet storage, match your color scheme!

Bedroom ideas
A desk with lots of storage! (Photo by: home space)
Pink and White Storage Bins
Pink and White Storage (Photo by: Wickerfurniture)

Decorating can also be functional. You can add a desk area for yourself with plenty of storage that comes with drawers and cabinets. It can be your little corner and we all do need our little corners when we’re studying or working on a project! But guess what, you can be organized and stylish at the same time by decorating. For example, make study time and homework more appealing by adding pretty wall patterns and color to bring up your day!

Got any decorating tips for making your dream house? Leave your decorating tips in the comments below!