Go Green on World Car Free Day

Our car in a way is our second set of feet. We’ve become accustomed to using it for everything whether it’s to go to school, work or simply hanging out with our friend. Without a car, we don’t how we’d function. But what if we… Read More

Moving to Redondo Beach, CA

Moving to Redondo Beach should be a joyous occasion! Who doesn’t want to live within walking distance of the beach or next to a bike path that will take you into Santa Monica. Moving to Redondo Beach will put you right next to Manhattan Beach… Read More

Davis, CA: A Bicycle Friendly City

Davis, CA

As the bicycle capital of the United States and home to the new US Bicycling Hall of Fame, Davis, CA knows what it means to be green. Located in Yolo County, 11 miles west of Sacramento, Davis is known for its commitment to sustainable lifestyles. … Read More