Moving to Redondo Beach, CA

Redondo Beach walk by brewbooks (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Moving to Redondo Beach should be a joyous occasion! Who doesn’t want to live within walking distance of the beach or next to a bike path that will take you into Santa Monica. Moving to Redondo Beach will put you right next to Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach as well as near Culver City. With the center of LA in the horizon, moving to Redondo Beach gives you the best of both worlds.. a big beach and a big city!

Can’t think of reasons to get moving to Redondo Beach? Look no further!

Redondo Beach Pier and King Harbor

This historical pier is the attraction for many moving to Redondo Beach. The pier is situated in King Harbor, offering an arcade, fishing, shopping, and more. Many moving to Redondo Beach’s pier may recognize it from The O.C. Fox’s hit show, The O.C., was filmed on Redondo Beach’s pier for its length and diverse views. Moving to Redondo Beach you’ll find the famous views and hit restaurants. Follow the pier on Twitter to stay up to date on events.

Moving to Redondo Beach Shopping
The pier at Redondo Beach, Photo by thribble

South Bay Bike Path

Who said Los Angeles isn’t bike friendly? The South Bay Bike Path that starts in Redondo Beach is famous when moving to Los Angeles. Moving to Redondo Beach, you’ll find yourself buying a bike and moving to Los Angeles hotspots along the coast! See where the South Bay Bike Path can take you!

Redondo Beach South Bay Pike Path
Redondo Beach’s South Bay Pike Path, Photo by jakerome

Riviera Village

Within a six block radius, you’ll find a unique collection of clothing, shops, restaurants, and cafes. Moving to Redondo Beach never seemed so classy! Riviera Village is considered the gem of Redondo Beach, so if you’re moving to Redondo Beach you have to check this place out!

Redondo Beach
Redondo Beach by the sea, Photo by Dextera Photography

Go to the Beach!

If you’re living near the beach why not go to the beach? It’s always opened and it’s free! Moving to Redondo Beach means plenty of sunshine and waves. Climb the jetty rocks or run on the sand. Get moving to Redondo Beach!

Moving to Redondo Beach's Beach
Spend a day on the Beach! Photo by Adan Garcia

For more events moving to Redondo Beach and South Bay, stay updated with South Bay Events.