How To Design Your Dorm Room

The first moving experience for most is moving out of our parents house and moving into a dorm room or student apartment. The thrill of having your own space is so overwhelming that even the tiniest of dorm rooms can feel like a penthouse suite!… Read More

Make the Most Out of Sharing a Room

Do you share a room with your sister, brother, cousin or friend? Sharing a room can be an adjustment, but it can still be tons of fun! There are many ways to share a room while still staying true to you. Here are a few ways to make your shared room perfect:

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Get Moving, Get Healthy! Healthy Microwave Meals

Healthy microwave meals may seem like a myth, but they’re actually real! While you’re nuking frozen pizzas, a world of healthy microwave meals are waiting to be discovered. Low fat frozen food is crammed with sugar and nasty preservatives. Preparing healthy microwave meals isn’t as easy as nuking a frozen dish, but the rewards are worth the extra effort.

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