Get Moving, Get Healthy! Healthy Microwave Meals

Healthy microwave meals may seem like a myth, but they’re actually real! While you’re nuking frozen pizzas, a world of healthy microwave meals are waiting to be discovered. Low fat frozen food is crammed with sugar and nasty preservatives. Preparing healthy microwave meals isn’t as easy as nuking a frozen dish, but the rewards are worth the extra effort.

The best healthy microwave meals are easy, filling and delicious. Combine canned goods with fresh ingredients to make healthy microwave meals your whole family will love. Healthy microwave meals are also a great way to get kids involved in cooking! Check out these recipes for some of my favorite healthy microwave meals:

Healthy Microwave Meals: Breakfast

Instead of filling your breakfasts with empty calories, choose better, healthy microwave meals. This pumpkin oatmeal or cinnamon breakfast quinoa beats anything out of an instant packet. For healthy microwave meals heavier on protein, try this quiche in a mug or quick veggie scramble. And for a treat, check out this healthy microwave French toast!

Photo by: SummerTomato
Photo by: SummerTomato

Healthy Microwave Meals: Lunch

Mexi-melts may not sound like healthy microwave meals, but they are when you make them the right way! You can also fix artichoke risotto in less than ten minutes. In the mood for something lighter? Steaming artichokes or corn on the cob is a great alternative to heavier healthy microwave meals.

Healthy Microwave Meals: Dinner

Rushing for dinner after school or work can lead to bad, unhealthy choices. It can also mean you spend all your time slaving over a hot stove. Healthy microwave meals can help you spend more time with your family.

Photo by: ijokhio
Photo by: ijokhio

Mashed sweet potatoes with coconut milk paired with any steamed vegetable is just one of many healthy microwave meals I can’t get enough of! Tuna-stuffed potatoes or quinoa and basmati pilaf are yummy, healthy microwave meals that are easy to make. Can’t get enough sweet potatoes? Try this black bean version!

Healthy Microwave Meals: Dessert

Healthy microwave meals definitely apply to dessert! This single serve brownie cleverly cuts down on bad calories while this dark chocolate bark with pistachios and dried cherries is easy to enjoy on the go. Make this microwave applesauce for a healthy treat or as an ingredient for something else! These “baked” apples  almost have enough nutrition to qualify them as a healthy microwave meals addition!

What are some of your favorite healthy microwave meals? Share your recipes in the Comments section!