Aquaponics At Home


Aquaponics is a sustainable method of growing food. It incorporates both hydroponics and aquaculture in one low-maintenance system. Based on the nitrogen cycle, plants consume fish waste while simultaneously filtering the fish tank water. Fun and surprisingly easy, aquaponics is a wonderful hobby for families… Read More

Moving from Farm to Table

Have you heard about farm to table? I just love farm to table restaurants. It’s this great green idea that’s been gaining popularity. Farm to table essentially means that the food on your table came from a specific local farm. It’s the direct relationship between a farm and a restaurant that lets you know what’s on your table is not only organic but local! That’s great for the environment and for your taste buds! Read More

The Green Truth – Uncovering Green Myths Pt. 2

I love green and I love the idea of doing all that I can to live a greener life. But it’s difficult to see what is really the eco-friendly choice with so many green myths. I’ve covered the top 5 green myths, but there are still so many green myths to figure out. So I’ve put my detective cap back on and uncovered some more green myths. Knowing the truth to these daily queries not only helps save you money and resources but lets you live a greener life style. Read More