Keep Your Kids’ Minds Moving

These are certainly challenging times, especially if you have children who are home because their schools and daycares have been temporarily shut down. Whether or not you are working from home yourself, you still need to figure out how to keep your kids busy and… Read More

Organize Your Home With Color

Moving to a new home is great, because it is a blank canvas just waiting to personalized and organized. A new home gives you the opportunity to decorate and organize your home just as you’ve always wanted it! One of the best ways to organize is to utilize color. Color offers visual cues that help us identify what goes where. So let’s get moving and organize your home with color! Read More

Do It Yourself Moving – Organization

Do It Yourself Organization means less stress on moving day for you. Not many people realize but moving and do it yourself organization go hand in hand.  Whether it’s packing for a move, unpacking your belongings, or just organizing your new home after moving day, do it yourself organization can be done anytime! Grab a pen and piece of paper and start taking notes, a smoother moving day depends on it!  Read More