Get Moving this 4th of July!

4th of July Cake

Hi everyone! Happy Summer! Can’t believe it’s already July. This year is going by fast. I’m so excited for all the great summer events. 4th of July is always a fun time of year. Fireworks, barbeques, and best of all friends and family! Still haven’t… Read More

Moved to Terror Again: LA Halloween Events!

I love the feeling of fall in the air! Black cats, orange pumpkins, trick or treating, and tons of LA Halloween Events! Anyone living and moving in Los Angeles knows that Halloween is a huge holiday! With all the movie magic, special affects, set designers, and aspiring actors, it is no wonder that Los Angeles celebrates Halloween with passion. It’s time to get moving to some LA Halloween events! Read More

Moving to Long Beach, CA

It seems that every other place to get moving to in the Los Angeles area ends in “Beach.” What makes each one special? Well Long Beach, CA is definitely one that has many special aspects to it. It’s so much more than just another beach… Read More