Spring Cleaning Tips to Help you Move Forward

Woman decluttering her closet

While the idea of spring cleaning sounds inspiring, the actual process of deep cleaning your home can feel overwhelming. What can help you tackle spring cleaning this year? Focus on just one specific goal, paring down your possessions. Our experts at NorthStar Moving have learned a thing or two on how to organize belongings. Our pro tips were even featured in the New York Times “The Ultimate Moving Checklist“. Whether you’re moving or not, use your spring cleaning, to declutter and lighten your load. Read on for expert spring cleaning tips for a fresh start this spring. 

Where to start Spring Cleaning?

pile of clothes to donateChoose a small space first and work your way through the house; tackling one or two rooms per weekend. Organize everything into three piles: keep, give away/donate, and recycle/trash. Make sure to check the items you’re tossing into the donation pile. Anything you want to donate or give away should be clean and in good working order. If something is stained and torn, repurpose it into a cleaning rag. Call your local Salvation Army or Goodwill to ask if they are accepting donations before you pile everything into your car. To learn more about where to donate items responsibly check out this comprehensive article in the NY Times Wirecutter.

Purging your big items.

old chair ready to donate

You might have spent the entire pandemic working, eating and sleeping on that couch, is it time for a refresh? Take a hard look at all of your furniture. If you’re planning a move soon, ask yourself if it’s worth paying movers to move a piece that you’ll probably want to replace soon. Consider getting rid of some of those extra furniture pieces, sports equipment or unused home appliances that are taking up precious space in your home. Try selling them or giving them away on apps like Facebook Marketplace or Offer Up. You can also donate gently used furniture, appliances, home goods to Habitat For Humanity’s ReStore Centers. If you’re not quite ready to give them away or donate these items, you can always consider putting them in storage

Recycle your old electronics responsibly.

recycle retro electronics this spring cleaningWhether you’re tech savvy or not, we all have an old computer, tablet, phone or old fax machine collecting dust in a closet somewhere. Or, even worse, electronics that get thrown out, are often shipped to third world countries where processing them produces toxic wastes. What can be done instead? Great organizations like E-Cycle Environmental recyclers for personal electronic waste or Homeboy Electronic Recycling for small offices or large organizations can properly dispose of electronic waste.

Throw a reverse housewarming party.

Some of your items may have a sentimental meaning which makes parting with them difficult.  You can’t imagine giving them to strangers. Why not give your old, unused treasures  a second life by giving them away to your friends and neighbors? Invite your friends over for a  reverse housewarming party; where, instead of bringing you a gift, they get to take home your old treasure.  Ask each person to pick something off your treasure table that they can use and want to take home. 

Reducing  your belongings room by room over the course of a few weekends will give you a mindful way to reset yourself and your home. By donating items to your community; recycling your unwanted items responsibly; and creating more open space in your home, you’ll be ready to move forward this spring.