Homemade Cleaners for your Green Household

Green Clean your home

cleaning-window by newlivinghouston (CC BY 2.0)

Give your home a fresh clean start with homemade cleaners that will protect your family and our lovely planet. Although those conventional cleaners give you a clean smell they are actually leaving behind a dirty chemical mess. Did you know that most cleaning products are not legally required to list all their ingredients? According to our friends at Harmony Maids, these ‘secret ingredients’ can actually be harsh chemicals with lasting residues and environmental effects.

Instead of guessing what’s in your cleaning supplies why not make them yourself? Homemade cleaners use all natural and easy to find ingredients that will leave your home squeaky green clean. Look around your home or local grocery store for these local ingredients and get started on your homemade cleaners.

Ingredients in my favorite homemade cleaners:

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking Soda makes a great homemade cleaners BY solylunafamilia (CC BY 2.0)
Baking Soda makes a great homemade cleaners BY solylunafamilia (CC BY 2.0)

This powerful duo does more than just create volcanic eruptions for science projects; they are the base for most homemade cleaners used to clean your kitchen and bathroom.  While vinegar’s acidic nature disinfects and shines, baking soda can lift up oils, stains, deodorize and be used as an effective scrub. Do you have a greasy microwave? Place a bowl of water with one tablespoon of white vinegar into your microwave and heat for one minute.  Take a damp cloth dip into some baking soda and watch the grease spots scrub off easily.  For your perfect all-purpose homemade cleaners mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda, half a teaspoon of dish soap, 2 tablespoons of vinegar into an empty spray bottle and voila! You can always add natural ingredients to your homemade cleaners like lemon or essential oils for a fresh scent. Add baking soda to your fridge, laundry or smelly shoes to eliminate bad odors.

Lemon by jh_tan84 (CC BY 2.0)


When life gives you lemons use them to clean your kitchen! Lemon juice is a great substance to disinfect and even shine. Try sprinkling some baking soda on half of a lemon and use it to scrub your dishes or sink, this combo will degrease and remove stains. Once your lemon is squeeze just throw it into your garbage disposal for a fresher scent. When using homemade cleaners with lemons, keep in mind they can have the same discoloring effects as bleach.

Olive oil:

Olive Oil
Ol.-Oil—Pomp-Blog by USDAgov (CC BY 2.0)

Your favorite cooking ingredient is also a basic ingredient for your homemade cleaners. This yummy ingredient can be used in homemade cleaners that polish and shine. Use a little olive oil on a cloth to buff stainless steel appliances and handles. Combine olive oil with some lemon and vinegar to create a natural wood polish. When painting gets out of hand or rather all over your hands, try using olive oil to get paint off your skin.


Garden herbs
365.184: Garden herbs by WordRidden (CC BY 2.0)

Put your herb garden to work this summer and mix your favorite herbs into your homemade cleaners. Herbs like basil, mint, lavender or rosemary have a natural fresh scent that can boost your homemade cleaners. Mix some fresh herbs into a sealed bag of baking soda and let it sit for two weeks. Once the herbs have dried, sift them out and then enjoying the fresh smell of your new stain remover. Add rosemary or lavender to your DIY all-purpose sprays for a fresh clean scent. If you’re not a gardener try using natural essential oils in your homemade cleaners or buy some fresh herbs your local farmers market.


Bombay Martini by StuartWebster (CC BY 2.0)

How do you take your gin? Shaken or stirred? How about sprayed? Gin is a great natural substitute in air fresheners. Kick the aerosol cans to the curb. Actually recycle them first, but then replace your conventional air-freshener with three simple home ingredients. Combine an ounce of gin or rubbing alcohol, 6 ounces of filtered water and some drops of your favorite essential oils into a nifty spray bottle. This mix creates homemade spray that will freshen up any room in your house. Next time you mix yourself a gin and tonic, leave a little gin for your homemade cleaners too!

There are a lot other natural ingredients that can be combined in your homemade cleaners. Don’t wait for spring cleaning to get started on your homemade cleaners, find more homemade cleaners recipes for your green home here.

What are the ingredients in your favorite homemade cleaners? Share your DIY secrets below in the comments section.