How to Have a Green Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year again! That one day when we stuff our faces while talking about all the things we’re thankful for! That’s right, Thanksgiving! And if you know me, it’s all about having a green Thanksgiving. I’m always thankful for this beautiful Earth… Read More

A Very Vegetarian Fourth of July

Fourth of July is a great time to celebrate not just America’s independence, but summer, family, friends, and much more! Whether you celebrate with a neighborhood block party, a family barbeque, or a quiet dinner for two, get moving and make your Fourth of July… Read More

How to have a Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Thinking of planning a Thanksgiving feast with the family? Or going to any Thanksgiving dinner parties? Oh, but wait! Is there a possible way we can have a vegetarian thanksgiving?

Sure there is! Snap Greene will show you how to have a wonderful vegetarian thanksgiving. Read More