Keep Your Kids’ Minds Moving

These are certainly challenging times, especially if you have children who are home because their schools and daycares have been temporarily shut down. Whether or not you are working from home yourself, you still need to figure out how to keep your kids busy and… Read More

Go Green on World Car Free Day

Our car in a way is our second set of feet. We’ve become accustomed to using it for everything whether it’s to go to school, work or simply hanging out with our friend. Without a car, we don’t how we’d function. But what if we… Read More

Keep it moving in LA

Sticking to that New Year’s resolution about losing weight and moving more? Haven’t made much progress? Have no fear! Snap Greene is here,  and I have plenty of ways to keep it moving in LA. Sometimes all you need to keep active and get moving in LA is a workout buddy! Put on your running shoes and let’s keep it moving in LA together. Read More

Time for Turkey Trots


Thanksgiving is a day that is usually spent being stuffed full of food and sitting on the couch. Why not burn off those extra calories at a run/walk? Get moving! You can even help out a charity while doing so! Turkey trots are becoming a… Read More