Keep it moving in LA

Hollywood Blvd . by Simon Shek (CC BY 2.0)

Sticking to that New Year’s resolution about losing weight and moving more? Haven’t made much progress? Have no fear! Snap Greene is here,  and I have plenty of ways to keep it moving in LA. Sometimes all you need to keep active and get moving in LA is a workout buddy! Put on your running shoes and let’s keep it moving in LA together.

There are many events to keep it moving in LA, if you are in the Los Angeles area there is a Tension and Trauma release exercise workshop on Saturday, April 28th in Culver City. This workshop provides relief in symptoms of stress and tension. Relax and release deep muscular tension from your body, after all exercise is about improving your health, start from the inside out!

(photo by Rosey OR)

Keep it moving in LA on Wednesday, May 2nd at the  GI Joe Boot camp at noon in the City of Pico Rivera Park and Recreation Department. This event is serious moving in LA with a varied of stretching, back arms, circuit drills, push-ups and running! This is a good way to keep active and also get a jump start in moving!

Did I hear a Health and Wellness expo? What a great way to keep it moving in LA. The Operation Fitness Health and Wellness Expo  will be held on Saturday, May 12th at Santa Monica Place. This event includes complimentary massages, health screenings, lectures, martial art classes, sumo wrestling and much more for anyone who wants to keep it moving in LA!

Join the Weekend Warrior Workout  in Santa Monica and keep it moving in LA early in the morning. The weekend warrior is a two hour workshop program that combines boot camp, power abs, jogging and also resistance training.  Warrior Workout are April 28th, May 19th, June 9th and also June 23rd. Sometimes we need a little push to get ourselves moving in LA. this work out sounds like just kick to fulfilling your resolutions.

Don’t forget the kids like me! On Sunday, April 29 there will be a Kids 4 Kids 5k and 10k run/walk. This is the 7th annual kids 4 kids event which will definitely have kids keep it moving in LA. It will take place at L.A. Live and help benefit the Children’s Cancer Research Fund support pediatric cancer research, that’s lots of moving in LA for a good cause.

These are just some ideas to help you stay active and keep it moving in LA. Joining one these events will keep you fit and you can contribute to a great cause! You can also stay active moving in LA by taking the stairs, walking to your local grocer or just skipping around the house!

So how do you guys keep it moving in LA (and I don’t mean moving in LA traffic)? What are some of the things you guys do to stay active and moving in LA?

(photo by: By Maks Karochkin)