NorthStar Moving’s 2nd Cameo on “My Life on the D-List”

Television by dailyinvention (CC BY 2.0)

Behind the scenes of Kathy Griffin's "My Life on the D-List"NorthStar Moving® and Storage boxes were featured again in episode 4 of Kathy Griffin’s reality show! After last episode’s trip to Alaska, it was hard to figure out what Griffin would do next. This week Kathy’s “A-list” adventures took place close to home with NorthStar Moving® and Storage boxes right by her side!

Kathy Griffin and mother Griffin took a trip to the Melrose Trading Post to sell home items. Griffin wanted to make a few bucks to help with the “A-list” remodel fund. Her things were being pulled out of NorthStar Moving’s boxes throughout the morning. When the show returns to the house, the kitchen area remains packed away with a new contractor in charge of the demolition.

It sounds like this remodel is going to last well into the season.

Watch for NorthStar Moving’s next cameo on “Kathy Griffin’s: My Life on the D-List” Tuesdays at 10pm on Bravo TV.

Pictures from Episode 4—Moving the Merch