How to Have a Green Holiday

8th Night by Shoshanah (CC BY 2.0)

Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice. No matter what holiday you celebrate, this time of year is always special. Why not make your celebration even more special by going green? How do you celebrate a green holiday? A green holiday is definitely a happy holiday. Here’s some tips to start your green holiday planning:

Reusable Green Holiday Gift Wrap

Green holiday plans don’t involve tons of gift wrap in the trash. Before you go buy another roll of wrapping paper, make it a green holiday by using reusable bags as gift bags. You can also use vintage tins to hold your green holiday gifts. Anything that’s reusable!

Another idea would be to upcycle old newspaper or t-shirts as wrapping.

Green Holiday Cards

It’s really the thought that matters behind sending out holiday cards, so why not think about the earth and switch over to e-cards this year? It will save a lot of trees (and some money on stamps!). If you have old paper cards, use them as gift tags on your reusable gift wrap.

Green Holiday Cards (Photo by Family O’Abe)

Green Holiday Decorating

It’s fun to see festive homes that are ready for the holidays. When decorating, keep the earth in mind, though.

For outside decor like lights, use energy-saving LED lights (they save up to 90% more energy than normal holiday lights). Also, set your lights on a timer so that they are not on when they don’t have to be. If you will be making a wreath, use recycled clippings from your yard or your Christmas tree to make a naturally beautiful work of art.

For inside, deck the halls with upcycled, repurposed, reusable green holiday items. Avoid anything that is made with cheap plastic or harmful chemicals. There are some great green holiday decorations that you can buy on Etsy.

Green Holiday: Unpacking the LED Lights (Photo by moppet65535)

Green Holiday Feast

A green holiday involves lots of yummy green holiday food. To make your green holiday feast as green as possible, make your dishes with locally grown, organic, seasonal food. (Or even try a vegetarian meal!) For your dishware, silverware, and other serving odds and ends, use reusable items. Avoid paper napkins, styrofoam cups, and other disposable items.

A Green Holiday Tree

Oh, Christmas tree, oh, Christmas tree, you are so green, yippee! Make your Christmas tree an amazing green holiday tree. Try snagging an organic tree (no pesticides) or opt for a tree with roots so that it can be planted afterwards. Use energy-saving LED lights. And don’t forget to recycle your green holiday tree!

Green Holiday Tree (Photo by Shaire Productions)

How are you celebrating a green holiday? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section!