Moving in LA on the Metro Bus Line

Bus stop by Jeremyiah (CC BY 2.0)

moving in LA on the metro busThere are many different modes of transport for moving in LA. Although cars seem like the most convenient, they are not the most environmentally friendly choice. Of course I like moving in LA on our bio-diesel red moving trucks. But I decided to go on an adventure and take a ride on the local bus and explore public transport. Here in our part of Los Angeles, we use the local Metro buses–the largest fleet of clean air buses for moving in LA. These buses go up and down the streets, moving in LA, almost anywhere you’re going.

moving in LA on the metro bus you can make friends
photo by: by fredcamino

There are some great perks to moving in LA on the Bus. First, I enjoyed seeing the faces of people around me, and if you take a bus route often enough it is a great way to make friends.  Of course a bus ride can also be solo time for you. So pop in your mp3 player of choice and listen to your own personal moving in LA soundtrack. (I like to pretend I’m in a movie, and the music is the background music.) What’s your favorite travelling music?

Listening to “Move Along” by the All-American Rejects as I got on the bus, the bus driver greeted me with a courteous nod. I returned the gesture and put my money in before trying to find a seat. You can pay using cash, a bus token, or using a bus pass or a tap card. (Did you know that they give reduced fair tap cards to students and seniors?) The bus was surprisingly fast, and we reached our destination shortly. We even passed by one of our NorthStar Moving® trucks!

moving in LA on the bust gives you time for yourself
photo by: fredcamino

The bus is a simple process: find your destination, plot a way to get there and wait at the bus stop for the right bus. Sometimes it can be a bit confusing when you have to transfer bus lines, but once you’ve got the hang of it, moving in LA on a bus is simple and easy. The bus is a great escape from having to deal personally with all the traffic that slows you down moving in LA, and you can save a whole lot on parking. And if you’re not into walking from the bus stop to your real destination, there is a bike rack on the front of the bus. Did I mention its also wheelchair accessible?

The only real downside is that the buses can be early, late, or right on time, so I suggest you give yourself a good seven or eight minute cushion of time if you’re planning moving in LA on a tight schedule. Keep a positive outlook, and everything’ll be just fine. Almost 200,000 people use the local Metro buses daily for moving in LA, so why not be one of the cool kids and join them? Help the environment, meet new people, and have an adventure!

Don’t forget to say “thank you!” to the bus driver as you leave. :) What’s your favorite green mode of transport for moving in LA or in your city?

moving in LA on the bus make sure you catch your stop
photo by: fredcamino