Keep Your Kids Moving in LA

What does summer mean to kids like me? Freedom! While school is away, the children will play! It’s time to get outside and get moving everywhere! Living and moving in LA means that there is no shortage of great things to do during the summer especially for kids! Los Angeles can be a kid’s paradise with all the interesting attractions! From camps to concerts to adventures around time, keep your kids moving in LA this summer with these great activities. Read More

Food Trucks Moving in LA

Gourmet food trucks are moving in LA all over. They’ve been a huge craze that seeing food trucks moving in LA has become a normal occurrence for most of Los Angeles. What are gourmet food trucks and why are they constantly moving in LA? They are moving  target restaurants on wheels moving in LA and bringing the food to you! They’ve become such a craze that almost everyone wants to show off their innovative culinary chops by moving in LA! Read More

Keep it moving in LA

Sticking to that New Year’s resolution about losing weight and moving more? Haven’t made much progress? Have no fear! Snap Greene is here,  and I have plenty of ways to keep it moving in LA. Sometimes all you need to keep active and get moving in LA is a workout buddy! Put on your running shoes and let’s keep it moving in LA together. Read More

The Honda LA Marathon gets you moving to Los Angeles

It’s that time of the year to get moving in LA again! You guessed it. It’s time to get moving in the Honda LA Marathon 2012. The Honda LA Marathon is a huge event for all us Los Angelenos, and I’m so pumped up to watch it Sunday, March 18!  This year, the course starts at Dodger Stadium and ends at the Santa Monica Pier! So grab your running shoes and get moving in LA to see the Honda LA Marathon! Read More

Moving in LA on the Metro Bus Line

There are many different modes of transport for moving in LA. Although cars seem like the most convenient, they are not the most environmentally friendly choice. Of course I like moving in LA on our bio-diesel red moving trucks. But I decided to go on an adventure and take a ride on the local bus and explore public transport. Here in our part of Los Angeles, we use the local Metro buses–the largest fleet of clean air buses for moving in LA. These buses go up and Read More