Moving to Studio City, CA

Urban Cabin by Jeremy Levine Design (CC BY 2.0)

Studio City is home to famous Los Angeles art, culture, studios and more. Whether commuting through the city, working in the city or hanging out in Studio City restaurants, moving to Studio City is an Angelino’s dream! Named one of the most desirable places to live in LA, moving to Studio City allows you the freedom to enjoy yourself. Moving to Studio City places you in the middle of the studio action as many of its residents work in entertainment. From Universal Studios to Franklin Canyon, moving to Studio City awaits!

CBS Logo
(photo by watchwithkristin)

The Studio City Hub

Moving to Studio City, you’ll find the CBS Studio Center as the hub of Studio City. The center holds city council meetings, community and school events and the Studio City Chamber of Commerce. It’s hard to imagine that shows are filmed here too! Extending over 40 acres, the CBS Studio Center is why many are moving to Studio City!


If you’re moving to Studio City I recommend a nice pair of walking shoes because Studio City is considered one of the most walkable places in Los Angeles!

Runyon Canyon
Runyon Canyon (photo by sirsnapsalot)

Nobody walks in LA is false when moving to Studio City! With a walking score of 95, moving to Studio City will keep you on your feet moving to the nearest coffee shop, metro line or yoga studio.

When moving to Studio City it will be hard not to start walking along Ventura Boulevard. This is the Valley’s main stretch and is home to hundreds of restaurants, shops and landmarks.

But walking in Studio City doesn’t stop at Ventura Boulevard. Get moving to Studio City with its neighboring trails. Moving to Studio City you’ll find Wilacre Park (aka Fryman Canyon), Wildwood Canyon Park and the famous Runyon Canyon. Click herefor more hiking trails!

LA River Greenway
Moving to Studio City’s side of the LA Rive Greenway (photo by auntylaurie)


Another reason to get moving to Studio City is the LA River Greenway. This new development is striving to make moving to Studio City greener while providing another walking spot moving to Studio City and Sherman Oaks. Stay updated on the progress with The Village Gardeners.

“On Air”

Moving to Studio City means living near LA’s most popular studios. Universal Studios Hollywood borders Studio City offering backlot tours and entertainment themed rides. CBS Studio Center is in Studio City and within miles you’ll be at NBC, Walt Disney Studios, ABC, Warner Brothers and Paramount (just to name a few).

To add to its studio atmosphere, Studio City plans to open its own movie theater. It will be perfect for independent films moving to Studio City and its studio atmosphere.

Studio City Nbc
NBC Universal borders Studio City (photo by michaelkmak)

That’s a wrap!

Learn more about moving to Studio City by moving to Studio City Patch and following Studio City on Twitter: @Studio_City, @StudioCityPatch and @StudioCityBuzz. Questions about what you read here? Tweet my brother Zippy: @northstarmoving. He’s a real superhero when it comes to physically moving to Studio City!

P.S.: Because so many are moving to Studio City, parking spots can be hard to find. If you’re planning on moving to Studio City anytime soon, download this app!