Go Green on World Car Free Day

Our car in a way is our second set of feet. We’ve become accustomed to using it for everything whether it’s to go to school, work or simply hanging out with our friend. Without a car, we don’t how we’d function. But what if we… Read More

Moving to Tarzana, CA

Tarzana, named for the character Tarzan in Edgar Rice Burrough’s stories Tarzan, is located in the San Fernando Valley. A bit more upscale that its surrounding neighborhoods, Tarzana is a great family oriented neighborhood.

With its prime location in Los Angeles, Tarzana is within an hour’s distance to Downtown Los Angeles and the west side with such cities like Beverly Hills and Westwood. Read More

Moving to Northridge, CA

Moving to Northridge, CA can be a great decision!  Located in the San Fernando Valley, Northridge is a lively community with lots going on if you know how to look! There’s lots of entertainment and art shows going on, and amazing restaurants that you’ll have… Read More

Moving to Sherman Oaks, CA

So where do all the valley girls hang out? In Sherman Oaks, of course! But Sherman Oaks is more than just another section of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. Entertainment? Sherman Oaks has it. Shopping? Sherman Oaks has it! Located between Studio City,… Read More

Moving to Studio City, CA

Studio City is home to famous Los Angeles art, culture, studios and more. Whether commuting through the city, working in the city or hanging out in Studio City restaurants, moving to Studio City is an Angelino’s dream! Named one of the most desirable places to live in LA, moving to Studio City allows you the freedom to enjoy yourself. Moving to Studio City places you in the middle of the studio action as many of its residents work in entertainment. From Universal Studios Read More